Friday, August 18, 2006


I love my desserts but I don't like them too sweet. Sugar in all my recipes are always cut down to the minimum so much so that my niece and siblings shun my cakes -_-
But I do have a weakness for the super sugary ice-cream and macaroons. Best macaroons I have tasted so far are from Laduree.

Laduree Macaroons
Macaroons nestled inside pretty butterfly box

My favourite flavour is salted caramel followed closely by pistachio. I find they taste best on the second day.

La Maison vs Laduree
Left: La Maison du Chocolat's vanilla
Right: Laduree's rose

Praline Millefeuilles
Praline Millefeuilles

Well made puff pastry with praline filled vanilla custard sandwiched in between. I want to cry after first bite, when will I have another chance to taste this again?? I am so many thousand miles away............ The famous apple strudel from Perth can't even compare, to think I used to rave about it, how ignorant was I, Chinese has a saying,"one mountain is higher than the other........." too right, too right....

Mont Blanc
The famous Mont Blanc. I don't find anything special with this, sorry not a fan. Big King took one bite and "ran until no shadow" kakaka......I have to finish the darn thing in sour face ><