Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[HK Dec2009] Day 3 What we ate


We had brekkie again at hotel. Three Western sets this time.


After shopping around Causebay Bay, I can't wait to make my way over to Kowloon Island to visit my personal favourite Tam Chai to have sour and spicy noodles and grilled chicken wings.

Then we traipse over 2 streets away to have our favourite desserts at Tai Leung Pat Kei.

Tong Sui@Jordan HK
Black sesame dumplings in ginger broth, warm sesame paste and cashewnut paste

There was this "The 44th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo" going on at Victoria Park so we decided to walk a round there after a heavy lunch to burn some calories.

Inside the place was filled to the brim with people!! Especially the 'Ginseng, Dried Seafood & Soup Packs' Zone. OMG, nobody can walk in that zone, we were basically being 'pushed forward' all the way.



Bird's nest drink
Prices were really cheap and I went away with 'some' stuff hehe. We left when we can't carry anymore.


Due to previous night's experience in scoring a table at nice restaurants, I called to book a table. But still they were fully booked after 7pm on a weekday :-(. So we had an early dinner at 6.30pm and had to leave by 7.30pm. Not a problem, we are quick eaters.

Wu Kong Times Sq HK
Wu Kong at Times Square, Causeway Bay

Siao long@Wu Kong
Siao long (meat dumplings), we had 2 baskets.

Sweet&sour fish@Wu Kong
Sweet and sour fish

Beancurd dumplings@Wu Kong
Beancurd dumplings filled with vegetables

Beancurd dumpling
The filling was very tasty with a hint of sesame oil. This is a must order.

Honeyed ham@u Kong
Honeyed ham

Chinese ham served with fried beancurd sheet in a bun drizzled with syrup. Super yummy! Another must order!

The food is of a high standard in this restaurant. It was as good as I remembered from my last experience at another branch at Peking Road, Tsimsachui.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

[Brisbane] Lok Fook at Sunny Park

Lok Fook@Sunny Park
New-ish noodle place (at least at my time of visit) at sleepy Sunny Park, opposite to the busy Sunnybank Plaza.

Charsiew noodle@Lok Fook
Roast pork (charsiew) noodle.

Fried wonton@Lok Fook
Deep fried dumplings.

Soup was bland and dumplings were cooked to death. Charsiew was soso, I can't even remeber how they taste now. Quite forgettable.

Mmm, not my cup of tea.

[Melbourne Oct2009] Rest of what I ate.......

It was a shame I was very sick in Melbourne, there was so much good food that I missed, orz.......

Kum Den fish ball noodles
Fish ball and fish cake noodles and jellyfish salad at Kum Den

The famed homemade fishball and cake were indeed tasty and bouncy.

Jellyfish was forgettable and smell a bit fishy, I suppose it's inevitable as they were frozen stuff.

Kum Den receipt
Er, I think there is a mistake on the address on the bill, it's supposed to be 'Waratah Place', an alley off Little Bourke St, between Swanston and Russell.

Fish maw & sea cucumber@QJD Melb
Braised sea cucumber and fish maw AUD38

A visit to Quan Ju De is not to be missed if you are in Mebourne. Despite some bad press and reviews, I still think it's worth a visit there. You don't necessarily had to have duck there, they do very good dishes other than the duck.

We of course also ordered the default roast duck (half, not pictured) AUD40. This time round, the duck meat was moist but not fatty which I like and prefer.

Our other default order was Wuxi ribs AUD28 (not pictured). I haven't tasted a better version. The meat was flavorful, tender and moist and just fell off the bone, cooked to perfection.

le petit gateau
Le Petite Gateau: Chupa Choc AUD7 and nougat praline millefuille AUD7

Princess looked forward to afternoon tea and our haunts were Laurent Patisserie, Le Petite Gateau and Koko Black (for the legendary iced chocolate AUD7.20).

Le Petite Gateau is the only patisserie I am impressed with in Melbourne CBD. Laurent, I have blogged to death and gotten quite sick with but it's location is convenient.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[HK Dec2009] Day 2 in Hong Kong, what I ate.........


Free at hotel.

Holiday Inn Express brekkie menu

Holiday Inn Exp brekkie
Set B

We only ever eat Set A & B.


Chui Wah Macaunese Restaurant

There are several branches throughout HK and Kowloon. The branch we visited was the one on Lockhart Road as we were nearby shopping for shoes.

Chui Wah Hokkien fried rice
Hokkien fried rice

Chui Wah mixed chop rice
Mixed chop set rice

Consisted of chicken chop, pork chop, hotdog, ham and chicken wing served on rice. Some greens were served on side.

Chui Wah portuguese tarts
Portuguese tart

Afternoon tea

UCC Cafe at Apita, Taikooshing

UCC Cafe at Apita Taikoo

UCC waffle and coffee
Winter special: Chocolate waffles served with ice-cream and fruit; coffee

We shopped up a storm at Taikooshing. By the time we decided to buy a luggage to put all our shopping in, I am super tired and my feet were killing me.

UCC Cafe was right next to luggage department so me and Princess went in to have a waffle and coffee while waiting for Big King to finalise the purchase.



There were queues everywhere at every restaurants' doors.

It was raining and we were super hungry so we decided to just cross the road and patronise KFC. It was our last resort, but we actually had our best meal of the day!


Mushrom rice and portuguese tarts were nice. The tarts were a lot nicer than what we had in the arvo.



Yishun double skin steam milk
We went back to the shops behind Sogo to look for Princess school shoes at Clarks.

After making the purchase, we walked a few doors away to Yishun to have the famed double skin steamed milk.

It had been raining since the morning and I was feeling a bit under the weather so I ordered steamed milk with ginger juice.

The ginger was very strong, I actually had difficulty taking a second bite but I managed to finish about 3/4 and felt energised after eating. It warmed the body up insantly starting from the tummy and spread to rest of body slowly. I felt it boosted my immune system, hehe.

I still think Australian Dairy Co. in Jordan is best for steamed milk.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

[Brisbane] Little Taipei Foodcourt. Yang Mama

Little Taipei is located at Market Square, Sunnybank, above High Fresh Supermarket.

Little Taipei

Little Taipei1
Dingy stairway leading to air-conditioned food court on the first floor.

Yang Mama
There are four other stalls to choose from; steak/chop on hotplate stall, Korean food stall, Sichuan food stall and an Easyway drink stall.

The other vacant stall lots were pretty run-down and filled with junks.

Fried fish noodle soup
Fried fish fillets in noodle broth.

Fish fillets were cooked perfectly and seasoned nicely. I am sure they were the cheap frozen basa fillets probably those imported ones from Vietnam. Still, they tasted pretty good for fried fish fillets and no funny fishy smell.

Noodle broth was the thick starchy type with lots of onion pieces swimming around. It tasted quite ordinary and bland with a hint of bonito.

I doused the broth with lots of vinegar, it kind of liven up the flavour.

I think it was only AUD8, I'd say it's not bad as you get three pieces of sizeable fish fillets.