Saturday, September 17, 2011

[Brisbane] Yummylicious chocolate high tea at Monty's Chocolate, Paddington

Monty's Chocolate
155 Latrobe Terrce
Paddington, 4064

Tel: (07) 3369 3135

Enter Monty's and you arrive at Chocolate heaven!! And possibly beyond hehe.

Below is chocolate high tea set with two coffee or tea for AUD$15!!!! Yes F-I-F-T-E-E-N!!

Chocolate high tea@Monty's
As soon as this offer appeared on 'Jump-on-it', I straight away click 'buy' without giving it even 0.000001 second of thought. Hehe, what a bargain it turned out to be!

Most most terrific way to spend a lazy afternoon sitting al-fresco, enjoying the best of chocolate. Ahhhh, such is the life, for a chocoholic that is.

You get an assortment of the legendary Pralus single origin chocolate square and a Coppenneur vanilla/cocoa nibs milk chocolate; salted caramel chocolate balls; candy covered chocolates; two hand-made chocolates; two chocolate pots and two coffee or tea.

Assorted Pralus@Monty's

Pralus chocolates, needless to say are exceptional and our unanimous favourite is surprisingly Tanzanie because it has an end berry note to it (very subtle) which is what we detested before with acidic chocolate.

What blew me away is surprisingly the Coppeneur Menavava because it is milk chocolate and I only eat dark chocolate. But Menavava is perhaps the BEST chocolate I have tasted so far. In terms of texture and flavour, it wins hands down and I hate vanilla.....the cocoa nibs lend a different texture while toning down the sweetness, very clever.

Chocolate balls with liquid salted caramel and dusted with unsweetened cocoa is seductive and luxurious. A ball of this after dinner will send you to cloud nine regardless of what you ate for dinner (like junky pizza from chain pizza shops).

Those hand-made chocolates are very good. We got the raspberry butter in dark chocolate (square) and berries puree in dark chocolate (ball). Both are delicious with an intense flavour. The owner explained that they only use seasonal fruits to cook the 'butter' or puree filling and really cooked them down, no preservative added.

As for candied chocolate balls, we are not a fan. the candy coating was sweet. Well, they are sugar after all, duh... hehehe.

Lots of people comes through Monty's door for the chocolate pot. It is simply melted chocolate you eat rather than drink and just slightly sweet with a hint of salt. Personally I am not a fan. Other than pure chocolate, I am not a fan of it in any other form, like chocolate cake, ice-cream, biccies, mousse, ewwww, get them away from me please.

Hot chocolate@Monty's

Hmmm, luscious thick melty chocolate, are you hooked yet? Get yourself to Monty's Chocolate.

And you are welcome, hehehe......

[Brisbane] Madtongsan, Korean food at Warrigal Square

Madtongsan III
South Suburbs
shop 12/261 Warrigal Rd
Brisbane, 4113

Tel: (07) 3841 1150

Madtongsan@Warrigal Sq

Seafood pancake@Madtongsan Warrigal
Pancake was soggy and dotted with unidentified little pieces of 'muscles' seafood flavour.

Bibimbap@Madtongsan Warrigal
Again the red pot of fiery soup contained the same unidentified seafood flavoured 'muscles'.

I failed to understand why the place is so popular or anyone wanting to eat those unidentified forzen to death tiny muscles. Really, please enlighten me..........

Thursday, September 15, 2011

[Brisbane] Skybury coffee

Skybury Australian Coffee Centre
136 Ivicevic Road
Paddy's Green, Mareeba
Queensland 4880 Australia

If you are in the search of a local coffee within a reasonable food mile, look no further than Skybury.

I was hopping from stall to stall at Queensland Food and Wine show 2010 (I know, this post is wayyyyyy overdue) when suddenly a pack of coffee was thrusted in my face and I had to take two steps back to actually see what was being 'thrown' (hehe) at me.

Local coffee? Hmm, why not. Though I am not into drip or cafetierred coffee, I am keen to give this a try since it's local.

Skybury coffee

Skybury coffee1
Pre-ground coffee is packed into a sachet which will fit most cup/mug top.

Coffee itself smell really good and surprisingly smooth to the palate with a medium body. It's quite good for drip coffee. It's perfect for those on the go, all you need is a cup and hot water, voila! instant coffee that taste like it could come from a cafe.

Perfect pairing the coffe with pancake and ice-cream, yumm...

Curry puff
Or if you prefer savoury, you could have asian-themed curry puff.

You still can taste the coffee after eating these rather strong flavoured food. I reckon it's a keeper in the pantry.

Curry puff inside
Curry puff cross-section.

Enjoy coffee! Hooray coffee! Kudos to the coffee growers, you make our day (coffee drinkers at least)! Yay!