Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Brisbane] Hanaichi Sushi Dining Bar

Hanaichi Sushi Bar and Dining
Level 3 Wintergarden
Queen Street Mall

My top pick when dining in CBD is the Hanaichi.

Sashimi salad@Hanaichi
Sashimi salad with chef's special dressing

The special dressing was the failure of this dish. Overly strong flavour of the dressing totally masked the fresh taste of the sea of those beautiful sashimi.

Tempura udon

Resilient and slippery udon in tasty broth. Princess' favourite.

Assorted sushi from the conveyor belt. My favourites are uni (sea urchin), spicy calamari, salmon belly and tuna belly.

Green tea ice-cream@Hanaichi
Green tea ice-cream

The homamade ice-cream is what drawn me to Hanaichi over and over again. Great flavour and texture, extremely satisfying after those wonderful sushi and sashimi. Equally yummy is the black sesame brulee and black sesame ice-cream served with a quarter of dorayaki (pancake with adzuki bean filling).

I look forward to next visit!

Friday, June 26, 2009

[Brisbane] Chloe's 4th Birthday dinner at Manor

I am ending the Melbourne posts at the second last day as final day we were in a rush; what with the heavy downpour, delayed opening of Zam Zam and a rushed lunch at Claypot King. No pictures were taken that day.

This year we celebrated Princess' birthday with a day out at Australia Zoo followed by dinner at Manor.

We started with a cold appetizer.
Jellyfish and shredded chicken

Followed by main dishes.
Pork chop@Manor
Pork chop

Cuttlefish ball & tofu@Manor
Cuttlefish balls with beancurd in broth

Steamed abalone@Manor
Steamed abalone with ginger and spring onion

Fruit & dessert@Manor
Complimentary fruit and desserts (deep-fried glutinous rice ball and mung bean sago sweet soup)

We had a Shlix gelato cake in panna cotta and cookies & cream flavours on a meringue base as birthday cake. Delish!

Chloe's 4th bday

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[Melbourne 2009] Chadstone. Salsa's. Koko Black

Second last day in Melbourne, we decided to visit Chadstone. I am interested in the gourmet market which I believe is a first in a shopping mall, at least in Oz.

Free Chadstone shuttle
Chadstone shuttle (free)

Catch it at corner of Lt Bourke St and Swanston St just outside Chinatown's entry.

The journey took about half an hour to 45 minutes depending on traffic.

Not much for me to see, regretted coming. It's just like another Westfield.

We had lunch at Salsa's, which, came to Queensland, last month.

Aiyoo, waste of my time, this trip to Chadstone >_<.


Taco meal@Salsa's
Taco meal

Still a long time to kill before the shuttle depart so we went to Koko Black to look see and came away with an assortment of chocolates.

Man, they are delish! Forget Haigh's, buy Koko Black!

Koko Black@Chadstone

Chloe eats chocolate

Sweet Temptations@Chadstone
The Sweet Temptations Patisserie caught my eyes as soon as I walk near the entrance.

First time I went in to have a look, I was not impressed. But so many patrons. So I went in again after lunch, still not impressed. Me and Princess walked all the way back to Laurent Patisserie at the other end of the building to have our tea. Man, what a long walk that was.

Then I went into Sweet Temptations yet again to have a final look. Gosh, I don't know why the shop is still open and have so many customers. None of the stuff inside the shop looked delectable.

But at least I got some nice Valrhona choccies from Simon Johnson.

Very unproductive morning and afternoon.

[Brisbane] Hung's Vietnamese Food

Sunnybank Market Square Shopping Village
Compton Rd
Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109

Crab paste noodle soup
Crab paste vermicelli

Vietnamese omelette
Vietnamese omelette

Both dishes did not agree with my palette. I find the omelette too hard and dry. The prawns and pork belly pieces were cooked to death thus hard and chewy.

There is a particular way of eating the omelette. You wrap it in lettuce and topped with greens and herbs and dip the roll in the fish sauce concoction.

I was presented with greens covered in sands and grit.

You must be wondering why I didn't complain and demanded clean greens.

Well, if you have heard and read all these restaurants' tales about how they 'treat' your food if you make a complaint. I think its best to keep quiet. I don't want to be eating no strangers saliva or snort or some unknown grisly stuff.

I did ask for a glass of water to wash the sand away.

As for the crab paste vermicelli, hmmm, I haven't had this elsewhere so I had no benchmark. But the fishy tomato-ey soup made me stop after several struggled spoonfuls.

Stick to the pho.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tis the season for oysters!

Coffin Bay Oysters
Coffin Bay Oysters AUD11/doz

I got them from CJ Seafood in Mt Gravatt Plaza, unopened.

I had no idea how to shuck an oyster.

Kitchen shears and chinese cleaver seemed to do the job.

Gave up when I got to the 7th oysters.


Got myself an oyster knife from Executive Chef the next day.

Hmmpphh the job didn't get any easier........

[Melbourne 2009] Noodle Kingdon

Noodle Kingdom
175 Russell St
Melbourne (CBD Chinatown)

Day 7 dinner.

Noodle Kingdon@Melbourne

Noodle Kingdom menu

Pork chop noodle@Noodle Kingdon


I left after several slurps.

The cashier threw me this funny look when I paid.

I couldn't wait to get out of the place!

I found a mozzie in the soup!