Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[Brisbane] Hung's Vietnamese Food

Sunnybank Market Square Shopping Village
Compton Rd
Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109

Crab paste noodle soup
Crab paste vermicelli

Vietnamese omelette
Vietnamese omelette

Both dishes did not agree with my palette. I find the omelette too hard and dry. The prawns and pork belly pieces were cooked to death thus hard and chewy.

There is a particular way of eating the omelette. You wrap it in lettuce and topped with greens and herbs and dip the roll in the fish sauce concoction.

I was presented with greens covered in sands and grit.

You must be wondering why I didn't complain and demanded clean greens.

Well, if you have heard and read all these restaurants' tales about how they 'treat' your food if you make a complaint. I think its best to keep quiet. I don't want to be eating no strangers saliva or snort or some unknown grisly stuff.

I did ask for a glass of water to wash the sand away.

As for the crab paste vermicelli, hmmm, I haven't had this elsewhere so I had no benchmark. But the fishy tomato-ey soup made me stop after several struggled spoonfuls.

Stick to the pho.

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