Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[Brisbane] Hanaichi Sushi Dining Bar

Hanaichi Sushi Bar and Dining
Level 3 Wintergarden
Queen Street Mall

My top pick when dining in CBD is the Hanaichi.

Sashimi salad@Hanaichi
Sashimi salad with chef's special dressing

The special dressing was the failure of this dish. Overly strong flavour of the dressing totally masked the fresh taste of the sea of those beautiful sashimi.

Tempura udon

Resilient and slippery udon in tasty broth. Princess' favourite.

Assorted sushi from the conveyor belt. My favourites are uni (sea urchin), spicy calamari, salmon belly and tuna belly.

Green tea ice-cream@Hanaichi
Green tea ice-cream

The homamade ice-cream is what drawn me to Hanaichi over and over again. Great flavour and texture, extremely satisfying after those wonderful sushi and sashimi. Equally yummy is the black sesame brulee and black sesame ice-cream served with a quarter of dorayaki (pancake with adzuki bean filling).

I look forward to next visit!


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