Thursday, January 29, 2009


Taking a hiatus.

Away on holiday.

Gong Xi Fa cai!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[Home] Potato Salad on Bagel

Potato salad on bagel

Potato salad

Diced cooked potatoes (I like to use kipfler)
Diced ham
Diced carrots
Diced avocados
Sour cream
Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper

Chilled before serving.

Served on Glicks bagel (bought frozen from Pennisi Cuisine Distributors).

Down with freshly brewed Campos coffee.

[Home] Xiao Long Bao, Kolo Mee and Asparagus

Oi sis-s, how I like to make you both hungry and ENVY.

Wohahahahaha *evil laugh*

XLB dinner
Kolo mee, steamed xiao long bao (bought frozen from Ho Chia in Sunnybank Plaza) and stir-fried asparagus with scallops.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Home] Grilled chicken, ragu and sweetcorn soup

Sis seems very interested in knowing what I cook at home.

I only know a few dishes and cooked them repeatedly. Its all been blogged before.

But here's a few photos.

Spiced grilled chicken2
Spiced grilled chicken

Spiced gilled chicken1
Grill them on medium high. No oil on foil. Turning twice. The oil from the skin will keep the meat moist.

Linguini ragu with shaved parmesan

I like my ragu on the dry side. None of the watery/oily garbage.

I like to use mince/finely diced ham, carrot, onion and diced mushroom.

Carrot & Sweetcorn soup
Sweet corn, carrot and spareribs soup

Thursday, January 08, 2009

[Brisbane] Vietnam Corner at Sunnybank Plaza

Writing the previous post was making my blood boil.

So I need some good food to calm the pressure.

Vietnam Corner is a pretty new restaurant on the scene, opened only late last year.

It has since become my favourite roast meat shop.

Vietnam Corner@Sunnybank

Mixed roasts@Vietnam Corner
Double combo rice (roast duck and roast meat)

Wanton noodle soup@Vietnam Cnr
Wanton and roast meat noodle soup

The wanton was done the traditional way with hand diced pork and WHOLE prawn. God, little morsels of heaven.

The noodle soup taste similar to the now defunct 7-up's version (in Brunei).

Its been so long *sob*. You cannot imagine the emotion that rushed through when we tasted it for the first time. What joy, lost and found.

Springroll@Vietnam Corner
Princess favourite fried springroll

HD @Sunnybank
This cool Harley was parked outside the restaurant.

This will never see the light of day if it were in UK's Manchester XD (grey and drizzly).

[Mooloolaba] Bella Venezia

Bella Venezia@Mooloolaba

Pizza @Bella Venezia
Some chicken pizza AUD2x (medium size)

Kid's Hawaiian Pizza@Bella Venezia
Kid's Hawaiian pizza AUD7.90

Bug and spaghetti@Bella Venezia
Bugs and spaghetti AUD35 @@

We also had chocolate and almond crepes for dessert. I forgot to take a pic or you could say I can't be bothered.

Address? Its right on beachfront, you could not miss it.

I should have just gone back to Fisheries on the Spit and have my fill of calamari, oysters and lobster. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

Can you forgive an award-winning pizza with thick and soggy base?

Geram really.

[Brisbane] Loving Chops

This post is to irk BB XD.

Enjoy ya sis. No can find in UK.


Economy rice from Ho Chia Sunnybank
Not so economy, economy rice from Ho Chia, Sunnybank

1 meat, 3 veg for AUD8.50

It may sound expensive for economy rice but the portion is HUGE!

I can only manage about half of it.

The food in the above pics are my favourite food!

Stir-fried cabbage, braised beancurd, braised egg, fried vermicelli and CHICKEN CHOP!

I love chops, chicken, pork, lamb, I love it all!

After trying all the economy rice shops/stalls in Sunnybank, this is my absolute favourite. The cooking taste like my mama *sob*.

Oh lordy, I suddenly miss home very much :-(

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

[Travel] Mooloolaba - Fisheries on the Spit

Fisheries on the Spit
21-23 Parkyn Parade
Mooloolaba QLD4557

The plan was to visit Underwater World last friday 02/01/2009.

There was supposed to be this smoking hot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle show. Bleh, smokin' indeed.

Since Mooloolaba is a seaside town, fish & chips is a must eat.

It was a good call we decided to visit Fisheries on the Spit as soon as we arrived at around 11.45. Within 10 minutes, the place was super busy.

The staff was friendly and cheerful and efficient, a far cry from our experience at Cleveland Point (well, that is another post altogether, I am still er...pondering)

Fisheries on the Spit@Mooloolaba
You place your order at the till and will receive a docket number. Cooked food is collected at the window to the right of the entrance (pic above).

Seafood basket@Fishries on the Spit
Fisherman's basket AUD10.90

The highlight here is the calamari, oh so perfectly cooked, so soft.

It brings tears to one's eyes. Ok, exaggerating here XD. If you know how hard it is to come by a perfectly executed calamari, you will *sob*heave* understand.

Fish fillet was cooked to perfection too, all juicy n flaky.

This is fish & chip heaven.

I couldn't stop thinking bout the calamari for the rest of the day.

This is such good value, if I live nearby, I will be the staff's best buddy within a week :P.

Grilled bream@Fisheries on the Spit
Grilled bream AUD7.00

The fish was fresh but over grilled. I was supposed to be on diet so this was my order but as soon as I saw oyster mornay on the menu and the moment I stole a tiny bite on the calamari there was no going back. Diet plan all thrown out the window. Poof, gone.

Oyster Mornay@Fisheries on the Spit
Oyster mornay (half dozen Pacific or dozen Sydney rock) AUD12.90

OMIGOD. These are 6 pieces of HEAVEN....Nuff said.

Beautiful beach, excellent fish & chips, variety of shops on beachfront. Forget the er, Underwater World, oh, go, if you must.

I can't wait to go back!! There is still Mooloolaba fish market to try out!

What a great start to 2009!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

[Shopping] Post Christmas 2008 Sales Loot

So, Rabbit had been MIA aka lazy and busy with wrestling on sales floors.

It was sheer madness at the shops on Boxing day. But I have to say last year was worse, you can barely move after 11am. At least there's still room for some 'action' or even dancing (well, Princess did XD) this year.

Sister B had been complaining about this site being barren XD. Sorry sis and has been dying to see my loot.

Ah well, its not much compared to yours!!

Post Christmas 2008 Sales loot

From left:
Black, Cooper St 'Virtuous Blouson' frock AUD69
Black, Lucette 'Walk to remember me' dress AUD169
Red and pink, Lacoste tee AUD59.40 each
Yellow and blue, RL Polo tee AUD69.30 each
Cotton On, Grey tee AUD10
Cotton On, sparkly tank top AUD10
Just Add Sugar, white tee AUD5 & 9.95 each
Giallo, gold sandal AUD69
Sportsgirl gold ribbon belt AUD9.95
And a secret necklace, shhhhhh, secret you know.

Brisbane is so HOT right now. Rabbit so wish she were a fish XD.