Monday, February 27, 2006

Singapore Trip January 2006 - Bakerzin

Managed to squeeze in an overnight trip to Singapore (out 19/1/06, back 20/1/06). Bought some desserts from Bakerzin (located in Takashimaya basement).

Strawberry and pistachio shortcake
Strawberry and pistachio shortcake

Pistachio mousse lined with strawberry halves sandwiched between sponge cake. Taste just like how it looks....tasteless strawberries not lined properly, mousse sickeningly sweet, sponge cake too dry :( Apparently one of their popular cake, I do not see why.....

Coffee and choc mousse 2
Valrhona white chocolate mousse on mocha flavoured sponge cake

Both mousse and chocolate coating sickeningly sweet. Sponge cake ok, not dry like the strawberry shortcake above. They should stop using Valrhona, it's a total waste......

Bakerzin macaroons
Macaroons-assorted flavours

I had wanted to try macaroons for the longest time. This is my first encounter so I have nowt to compare them to. These little morsels were a pleasant surprise, crunchy on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside but they did not stick to my teeth as I would have expected. The fillings are a tad too sweet for my palate but in a pleasant kind of way not sickening at all. My favourite is the lemon, sweet and sour my favourite kind of taste.

Monday, February 20, 2006

What I ate in Brunei January 2006 - New Sentosa Restaurant

Situated in the popular Gadong commercial area.

Common drinks - hot wheatgrass and teh tarik ping (iced pulled tea)

Big King's favourite - King spare rib rice with egg fried rice

Rabbit's favourite - fish noodle (noodle made from fish flesh served in fish stock with fish slices and iceberg lettuce, no msg added but I wonder...)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Flight to Brunei 14/1/2006

Flight meal
Salmon with potatoes

Flight from London to Brunei took about 16 hours, transitting in Dubai. We had to take a connecting flight from Leeds. It was Princess' first time to board a plane, I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep the previous night. What if she cry non-stop, what if she doesn't eat the yucky bottled baby food, what if she couldn't sleep on the plane like me, what if..............keep flashing in my head.......

Princess in bassinet

I was so relieved when she seemed relax on the plane, even during take-off and landing. Playful and babbling all the time, phew, good girl. But she decided she didn't like the bassinet (flight cot), refused to sleep in one so I had to hold her for like 6 hours, frozen the whole time. Afraid to move for fear of waking her up...........But she was an angel on our flight back to London sleeping in the bassinet the whole journey @@.

Ice cream3
Highlight of flight meal - ice-cream. This is so delicious, apparently a British brand but I have never seen it sold anywhere.........
Arrived Brunei safe and sound the following day 15/1/2006. Brunei is 8 hours ahead of GMT...........

Princess was all smiles when we step off the plane but wailed when she met her grandma, auntie, uncle and cousin for the first time..........

Bubbly New Year Dinner


Lindauer-bubbly from New Zealand. Taste just like Moet & Chandon but at a fraction of it's price ha........

Simple dinner of Oyakodon (chicken and egg rice) on new year's day 1/1/2006.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Orange Chiffon Cake

Orange Chiffon
I have never manage to bake a perfect cake. There's always cracks in my cakes and success rate is only about 80%.
A friend has recently pointed out a good oven is key to success baking which I totally agree. I have a lousy fan oven which is not suitable for baking :( and the heating element at the top kind of lopsided which resulted in an uneven height cake. Sigh.......what to do, the stupid oven comes with the flat.......
All is not lost, eventhough the appearance of the cake may not be good, the taste is not compromised.

Christmas Panattone

I am back in Leeds. What a whirlwind holiday! It was time to go back to Leeds in a blink of an eye!

I know Christmas is way over. Just want to share this delicious chocolate chip panattone from Sainsbury. Panattone is the Italian equivalent of Christmas cake. I think it tastes exactly like the French brioche. I like to toast it or make bread and butter pudding out of it. Delicious....My must buy item for Christmas, not christmas pud nor mince pies (I loathe them, taste worse than cardboard)....