Wednesday, February 25, 2009

[Brunei 2009 CNY] English High Tea @ The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Obligatory place to bring visitors.

My cousins from Singapore and Sydney and one of my besties from Taiwan is in town for Chinese New Year 2009.

There's no better way to spend a leisurely afternoon having elegant high tea with stunning view at The Empire.

English high tea@Empire
Three tiered Devonshire high tea B$19.95pp + 10% service
Top: assorted cakes
Middle: Freshly bakes plain (2) and raisin scones (2) served with cream and strawberry jam
Bottom: Assorted sandwiches

Princess wanted a BIG piece of chocolate cake so off she went to select from the cake counter.

She came back with a piece of Opera.

Bleh, why am I not surprised. Like father like daugther :D

They didn't/forgot to charge us for the Opera. I only realised when I got home when I took a glance at the receipt before chucking it away.

The following day's visit at fifth aunt's (my maternal side) 'palace'.

More cakes.

Cakes @5th aunt's

Cakes1@5th aunt's
Princess chose the round one on the left. Oh god, very weird taste.

I enquire fifth aunt the origin of these 'cakes' and made a mental note to avoid the place XD

Life is too short to waste precious calories.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

[Sweets] Monty's Chocolate

Monty's Chocolate
155 Latrobe Tce

Monty's chocolates
Big King got some stash of Monty's chocolates from his very generous colleagues in Oct 2008.

I got to taste most of them hehehehe and am quite impressed with the liquer ones. They were very very boozy.

We decided to call into the shop when we finished shoping in city one Jan afternoon.

Second time round, I noticed the chocolates had shrunk in size. It could be just my imagination.......

I love the strawberry filled ones the most. And Princess loved her little car.

If you love chocolates, I would suggest you give Mayfield Chocolates a try.

[Brisbane] Little Singapore

Little Singapore
42 Charlottle St
Brisbane (CBD)

Little Sg@Charlotte St
Yeah, its open. It's easily missed as you walk past.

Little Singapore@Charlotte St
Old school like poster adorned the wall.

Wasabi prawns@Lil Sg
Wasabi prawns

Buttermilk chicken@Lil Sg
Buttermilk chicken rice

The whole thing covered in oil and sit on top of yet another pool of oil *nauseatic puke* urghhhh.

Roti telur@Lil Sg
Roti telur AUD12 *WT#*

Eggy bread served with dahl (lentil curry). The price can buy me 10 servings and stuffed ourselves silly back home. But it can't be helped when it's the craving talking.....

No, of course I didn't order this. Still, I am none the wiser with the ordering that day :-(

[Brisbane] YTM

YTM Chinese and Malaysian Cuisine
Shop 3/218 Padstow Rd
Eight Mile Plains

Mala claypot@YTM
Mala (numb and spicy, well not really) claypot

You get chicken slices, scallops, prawns, shiitake and french beans. Not a bad deal.

Spareribs in Peking Sauce@YTM
Spareribs in Peking sauce

Deep-fried marinated spareribs tossed in sweet, salty sauce. Er, hmm....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[Sweets] Mango Roll @ Chouquette

Mango Roll@Chouquette

A Christmas special from Chouquette.

Mango mousse and mango puree centre sitting on a meringue base and garnished with mango and macarons.

This was available about 2-3 weeks before Christmas for customers to try.

They made it on request for a whole roll for Christmas.

Umm, I am sure they have a lovely name for it......

[Sweets] Torrone Rinaldi

The most wonderful torrone I have come across.

Delicately flavoured with honey. The flavour is intense while light on the palette. The texture chewy but does not stick to the teeth.

Torrone Rinaldi

A very well-made torrone and quite addictive too.

Available at good delis. I got mine from Plenty Continental Deli at Eight Miles Plain.

[Home cooking] Coq Au Vin - A French Classic

I have been wanting to try coq au vin ever since I first known about it (donkey years ago XD).

Coq au vin
So I tried cooking it at home using a recipe found online. It could be Delia's, I am not sure.

Hmmm, I think my cooking failed :-(

[Brisbane] Grill'd

Hi all, I am back and recuperated enough *sheepish gin*

Various locations around Brissie

Hot mama@Grill'd
Hot mama burger AUD11.50

Burger patty with roasted peppers, dill pickle (ewww), cheese, salad, tzatziki and harissa paste.

The burger patty was cold :-(

Lamb burger@Grill'd
Baa Baa burger AUD11.50

Lamb patty with avocado, cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo.

This is tasty and the meat patty is at least warm.

Spiced fries@Grill'd
Thick chips with herb mix AUD4.30

The chips were cold and soggy.

Portion is humongous, american size. There is enough to feed the birds *wide grin*