Wednesday, January 27, 2010

[HK Dec09] Lucky Dessert

Lucky Dessert
Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay
(opp World Trade Centre)

Lucky Dessert HK

Mango pomelo dessert
Mango and pomelo dessert

Lucky's signature dessert.

I guess it's the syrup-ed mango pieces that set it apart from other dessert shops. Most shops use fresh mango pieces which I personally prefer.

I can only think of one reason for Lucky to use stewed mangoes in syrup. To prolong the shelf or fridge life.

It has lots of followers but sadly I am not one of them. It was just like eating canned mango.

Durian dessert
Durian and pomelo dessert

Another signature item. But to me the sour and tart pomelo does not go well with durian. I felt like eating tempoyak (fermented durian) in a dessert. If you don't find that scary, that means you have no idea what tempoyak is or how it taste and smell like.

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of tempoyak especially eaten with ambuyat (sago gruel) but to find something similar in a dessert?? It's like having fermented shrimp paste sweet soup.

This is a VERY popular dessert shop (with several branches) in HK, just not my cup of tea that's all.

Friday, January 22, 2010

[Gold Coast] Waves Restaurant breakfast buffet

Breakfast station@Watermark
Breakfast station offered the usual fare; bacon, tomatoes, scrambled eggs, sausage and a live omelette station.

Salad bar@Waves
Salad and fruit bar

Breakfast juice@Watermark GC

Cakes, croissants and muffin

Waves@Watermark GC
Patio seatings

[Shopping] Oroton

I went into Oroton today to have a look at the sale items and went away with 3 bracelets.

Oroton Havana Pyramid bracelets
Black snake and blanchefleur snake

These 2 are for my lovely sis and I got myself havana soil.

I suppose my sis already guessed which one is theirs respectively.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

[Gold Coast] Dessert Factory (now closed). Mme Grenouille

Mme Grenouille
Ground floor of Meriton Building Broadbeach


Dessert Factory@Gold Coast
Dessert Factory is now closed (previously at Q Super Centre) and now operating as Mme Grenouille.

Cakes from Dessert Factory
Green tea and red bean roll, chocolate and custard puff.

Not pictured but demolished quickly by Princess and me were black forest cake(best ever have ever tasted!) and crispy top choux puff pastry filled with custard (also very good).

Mme Grenouille is now operating as a French Patisserie and cafe. Opening 7am to 7pm daily (closed Sunday).

Cakes@Mme Grenouille GC
Opera cake and mango mousse (signature and top seller).

They also do macaron. I had a passion fruit and malibu macaron. Very nice.

Sad news, no more black forest and choux puff *cry*.

Please bring back Dessert Factory!!

[Gold Coast] Watermark Hotel

Watermark Hotel & Spa Gold Coast

Watermark lobby

View from Watermark@Gold Coast
Ocean view

Watermark Hotel room@Gold Coast
Superior room with 2 double beds

Watermark bathroom@Gold Coast

Watermark pool and spa

Waves@Watermark GC (2)
Waves Restaurant

Amalfi Bistro@Watermark
Amalfi Bistro

[Gold Coast] Ichiban Boshi

Ichiban Boshi
Shop1, Cecil Hotel Complex
Scarborough St
Southport QLD

Ichiban Boshi @Gold Coast

Ramen@Ichiban Boshi GC
Shio ramen

Spicy ramen@Ichiban Boshi GC
Spicy ramen

Ramen set@Ichiban Boshi GC
Gyoza, rice and pickle. Comes with a set.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

[HK Dec 2009] Shanghai Restaurant on Jardines Bazaar

First day in Hong Kong. It was late afternoon when we checked into the hotel.

We were staying at Holiday Inn Express behind Times Square, a fantastic location!.

We met up with my friend Leng Nui San for dinner. We went shopping at Sogo while waiting for her to finish work. Too many shops and stuff in Causeway Bay, my eyes and feet cannot keep pace.

By the time she came we were famished! Straight away she brought us to this ancient Shanghai restaurant on Jardines Bazaar. You should see the waiters, they were all, well, a-n-c-i-e-n-t. I can picture them working since their teenage years but I can't imagine whiling their time away all these years.

You know how fast-pace everything in Hong Kong is. In this place, it's like the time stood still. Aged tables and chairs which must tell lots of interesting stories, slippery tiled ancient floor. Slow movement of staff.

I kind of like it, its more humane, full of characters.

Shanghai rest@Jardine HK

Pan fried bun
Pan fried bun filled with pork

Why the lone bun?

I was too eager to tuck in till Leng Nui San reminded me to take photos. This lone bun is waiting for its owner, Leng Chai Mason (obviously Leng Nui's husband), who was on his way.

Mock crab dish
Mock crab

It's really just stir fried egg whites. You stir the yolk into the whites (which will resemble crab roe) and eat with dashes of vinegar.

Double cooked pork@Shanghai Rest
Double cooked pork

I prefer the veges rather than the meat in this dish. They are crunchy and flavoursome.

Greens@Shanghai rest
Chinese leaves with ham

Claypot chick n dumpling@Shanghai Rest
Chicken and dumplings in claypot

Once again, I almost forgot to take photo, there was no more dumplings! Princess alone ate 6!!

Bamboo shooy@Shanghai rest
Braised bamboo shoots

I love bamboo shoots but still a far cry from Taiwanese version.

Smoked fish@Shanghai est
Smoked fish

A real Shanghai delicacy. Smoked fish coated in sweet glaze. I love it.

Red bean pancake@Shanghai Rest
Red bean pancake

Deep-fried pancake filled with red bean paste.

I stuffed myself silly though most dishes were quite oily but they were tasty. It's not the type of food you can get in Brunei or even in Shanghainese restaurants in Brissie.

Thank you so much Leng Nui San for giving us a wonderful treat.

Happy New Year 2010 to Everyone!

Apologies for the long absence.

Since October 2009, I have been very sick, on and off, took a trip to Melbourne in late Oct, then busy organizing Princess' school business, I only felt better come first week of December 2009, by then its time to organize stuff for the trip back home to Brunei.

Took a little detour to Hong Kong for some retail therapy and of course the food. Recharged our battery in Brunei and now we are back in Brissie, still in holiday mod.

I'll sart my first 2010 post with a Hong Kong entry.