Wednesday, June 27, 2007

[Brunei] Roti for breakfast

Roti canai (Indian bread) is one of my favourite breakfast item. It was invented by the Indians after migrating from their homeland to south-east Asia. I tried ordering it in Indian eateries in England and was told they had never heard of it!

Rasa Idaman
My favourite roti joint in BSB, Seri Complex.

Roti Man
Dedicated roti maker in action.

Roti Telur
Roti telur (Bread with egg) served with curry gravy (chicken/beef)

Teh Tarik
I always order teh tarik kurang manis (pulled tea, less sugar) to go with my roti.

A satisfying breakfast, all for under B$2.00!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hiccups in Lion City - No 1

Location: Paul & Joe counter at Wisma Atria

After being left to wait around for like 20 minutes while the pregnant sales rep chit chat to her friends and endless attempts to try to catch her eyes as my polite "excuse me please" fell on deaf ears; she finally found time in her busy 'work' schedule to attend to me.

Me: " Can I get one of your crayon sharpener please?"

She looked at me momentarily, no speech uttered through her faded lipsticked lips.

Oh, give me to me like NOW. Can't she see I am now pretty desperate.

After like an eternity.

Her: "One of your............?" She looked at me blankly, not understanding my request.

Oh for f%$@'s sake!

Me, took the sharpener off the display counter and hold it up to her eyes:" I want this, one please."

Her:" Just one?"

Why!! Instruction not clear ENOUGH?? Why on earth do I need TWO??
Does she want me to show her how to do her job?? (I used to be a mobile sales rep, vacation job)

Maybe next time I should mimic them and do the Singlish thingy. They might end up calling me Ah Lian soon as I turn my back. Sigh....

Friday, June 22, 2007

[Singapore] Okonomiyaki from Takashimaya Food Court

I have been eyeing this for a long time. Seeing it prepared and devoured on TV sets my tongue drooling.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki
Hiroshima okonomiyaki S$5.00

Essentially it's just fried noodles encased in a batter topped with fried egg and bacons and some greens.
I harboured great expectations but the experience left me vowed never to touch it again unless I am in Japan.
There are better options in the food court.

[Singapore] Sweets oh sweets

I love all sweets, no, not candies but serious desserts.

Teh tarik and matcha red bean from Haato

Azabu Sabo
Black sesame and matcha parfait with sweet potato crisps from Azabu Sabo

Inside the AS shop at Marina Square

Canele Ice Cream

Top left Canele
Top right Le Royale
Bottom Trio of ice-cream

Canele Patisserie at Robertson walk is my must visit everytime I am in Singapore. Chef Pang is one person I give my utmost respect to for churning out such delectable work of edible art in this part of world.

Canele is my favourite baked goody and they do a mean version. Wouldn't named after it for no reason. My cousin had the Le Royale but I personally prefer Jupiter. Ice-cream is good with nice texture and flavours. I especially enjoy the chocolate ice-cream which I normally shun. But my oh my, this 66% is SO GOOD I wanna lick the plate clean! Also had 'Nougatine' and 'Candied Chestnut'. Nougatine is good but not WOW. Candied chestnut is weird, they served it with blueberry coulis which totally didn't go together. It was way off. NOOOOOO. Ah well, to each it's own.

[Singapore] Dian Xiao Er

A convenient restaurant with reasonable prices to match. You are bound to come across a branch in most major shopping centres in Singapore.

Taken at Vivo City branch

The ambience

Dian Xiao Er
The food

I enjoyed the spinach cooked in chicken broth with century egg and salted egg yolks while Big King liked the sparerins the most. Princess ate TWO bowls of rice and 1 bowl of soup plus nibbles of all the dishes @@

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rabbit in Sunshine State

We are here finally after a long wait. It's now winter. Grrrrrr. Heater's on full blast throughout the night.
It's been a pain looking for used car for sale and a place to live. Now that's all over, I can start to enjoy some peace now, that is, when princess is not ee ee oo oo aa aa by the side.............
I think Australia is a gourmand's paradise. Numerous delis, exquisite cafes, gourmet farmers' market all dotted around the whole country. I have found paradise!