Friday, June 22, 2007

[Singapore] Sweets oh sweets

I love all sweets, no, not candies but serious desserts.

Teh tarik and matcha red bean from Haato

Azabu Sabo
Black sesame and matcha parfait with sweet potato crisps from Azabu Sabo

Inside the AS shop at Marina Square

Canele Ice Cream

Top left Canele
Top right Le Royale
Bottom Trio of ice-cream

Canele Patisserie at Robertson walk is my must visit everytime I am in Singapore. Chef Pang is one person I give my utmost respect to for churning out such delectable work of edible art in this part of world.

Canele is my favourite baked goody and they do a mean version. Wouldn't named after it for no reason. My cousin had the Le Royale but I personally prefer Jupiter. Ice-cream is good with nice texture and flavours. I especially enjoy the chocolate ice-cream which I normally shun. But my oh my, this 66% is SO GOOD I wanna lick the plate clean! Also had 'Nougatine' and 'Candied Chestnut'. Nougatine is good but not WOW. Candied chestnut is weird, they served it with blueberry coulis which totally didn't go together. It was way off. NOOOOOO. Ah well, to each it's own.

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