Wednesday, January 04, 2012

[Broadbeach] Mme. Grenouille

In case you are wondering........I am still alive.

Sorry for the lack of posts.

As you know I am back in Brunei for good. It's so hot here goodness :-(

Still waiting and waiting and move into our new home.

Friends and colleagues,'it's considered fast [liao] you know.'

Goodness sake we've been back since August 2010. Ah well, this is Brunei's efficiency, just so you know and still waiting......but the accommodation is confirmed though.

I must continue the Brisvegas food story before I leave this blog for good. I still have not decided. To close this blog and start a new one or just rename the blog as it will be Brunei and beyond foodie stories from now on. Well, after my backlog on Brisbane and Oz's foodie posts, of course. If you have any thoughts just let me know.

Ah Mme. Grenouille, a wannabe french patisserie run by the Sushi Train gorup. I must say they are doing a good job. I still prefer Chouquette but they do a mean macaron and marshmallow especially anything with passionfruit. Wow, the flavours packed a punch and will have you crying out for more.

Mme. Grenouille

The coffee was so so but iced chocolate is da bomb. I think they are famous for their mango mousse cake. Macaron may look rough and lumpy but actually tasted quite good, soft and chewy shells with well flavoured ganache, do try the passionfruit & malibu.

After tea-ing, we were all set for the beach then the pool and the spa. We had mee goreng and takeaway pizza for dinner. Then just lazed around in the Meriton apartment.

Wonderful day.