Wednesday, August 29, 2007

'Trendy' Stones Corner, NOT

One fine day I brought Princess jalan-jalan in the nearby factory outlet stores. The neighbouhood has been described as 'trendy', mehhhhhh......

Stones Corner

Took us 20 minutes by foot and up and down some hills (we stay on higher grounds with stunning views). We arrived and I was breathless. Bad bad idea bringing Princess out on my own, somemore on foot.

Though tired but spirits were high. I pointed my camera everywhere and click, click, click away. There were a LOT of bemused looks. Chinese lady one hand holding a toddler, the other hand on the camera, audible but incomprehensible sound coming out of her mouth (ordering Princess to behave and don't run off on her own). I know I must be a sight :D

Had lunch at the local conveyor belt sushi shop before heading home. Bad idea...I spotted 'ju jiang' soya sauce on the cooking station/worktop. Tis a 'mutton dressed in lamb's coat' shop. I had only 4 plates and the bill came up to A$18.70. Big rip off!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Redcliffe outing & Morgan's Seafood

Bridge to redcliffe
Bridge connecting wherever we came from and the coastline

Fine day to travel to Redcliffe/Scarborough for a bit of sightseeing and of course, fish & chips.

Turned out nothing to see at Redcliffe, not even a chippy in sight. Decided to get some advice from two old ladies (they were ancient alright) manning the tourist centre. They debated amongst themselves which one we should go for. Factors to consider surrounding the lil one, comfy seating, park to waste our time if lil one got bored, menu for lil one. The debate still going strong when we left with a map with agak-agak locations of their choices roughly marked on the map.

After several twists and turns and gotten lost on the way, we arrived at Morgan's. A restaurant which won many accolades.

Morgan's infrastructure
We grabbed the last table on the deck. Though it was a fine sunny day, the wind is still chilly (hey, winter here). But we're happy beating the cold wind. Inside is old school and grim with flowery cushions seats and all. Urghh, ancient and not very attractive.

Morgan's menu
Menu, yes only ONE page

Morgan's orders
I spied HUGE portions on other tables so we decided to go for only mains and have desserts later.

Tick, tock, tick, tock. It was 45 minutes before our food FINALLY (scream) arrived.

I ordered 'Taste of the bay'. It came with moreton bay bug (delicious!!), mussels (tough), crumbed fish fillet (dry and tasteless), calamari rings (nice and tender) and prawns (tough and chewy).

Big King went for baby baramundi rubbed with morroccan spice served with coucous and side salad. Ewwww, don't like baramundi. Will never want to see or touch let alone eat one in future ever again. Eeee, gali, gali......

Al-fresco dining outside. Mostly catered for the fish market's customers. You can buy any seafood and have them cook to your liking. Too bad we saw the market after we took off in our car.

There's a dock at the end of the deck in the restaurant. I have seen people arrived in their yachts. Speak about grand entrance, woo.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Top Noodle @ Market Square

Top Noodle @ market square Brisbane
My favourite lunch joint in Brisbane.

Most of the ingredients are imported from Japan. Chef is Japanese. How authentic I don't know for I have never been to Japan.

Top Noodle Ramen
Left: Shio seafood base ramen (A$11.90?)
Right: Tan tan ramen (A$9.80?)

The ramen is good, soup base is good. I prefer the shio seafood to tonkotsu which I had on previous visits. Don't be fooled by the fiery colour on the tan tan ramen bowl. The spiciness level is just mild, even Pincess can take it.
Salmon Don & Karaage
Left: Mini salmon toro bowl (A$3.90)
Right: Karaage (A$4.00)

At only A$3.90, it was hard for me to pass the mini toro bowl. I prefer the tuna belly but they sell out fast. The toro is nicely seasoned and garnished with shredded seaweed and chopped spring onions. Shove a little bit of everything into your mouth, you would truly be in seventh heaven.
Karaage is Princess favourite. The version here is very good. Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside and they didn't even need the lemon.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cream Patisserie Coorparoo

Cream Patisserie shop

Orange poppyseed cake & sticky toffee pud & raspberry cheesecake
Left above: Orange poppyseed cake (gluten free) A$3.90
Left below: Sticky date and toffee pudding A$5.90
Right: Raspberry marshmallow cheesecake A$6.90

White chocolate cheesecake & Chocolate pistachio date slice
Left: White chocolate cheesecake covered in chocolate fudge A$7.90
Right: Chocolate pistachio date slice A$6.90

Best recommended: sticky date and toffee pud. Best taste sensation is the candied chocolate covered date on top of the pud.

Rest of the items are average. Pretty much a write-off shop in my must-visit-again book cos you can find them better and cheaper elsewhere.

Cream Patisserie Coorparoo
These pictures were taken at about 18.10, less than an hour to closing time. Notice the display window? Still pretty much filled...........

Next door is an upmarket mish mash shop, Princess has her eyes set on the red rocking bee? sheep? Good thing it's closed both the time we visited.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Princess' Tam-Chia Snacks

Chocolate Goji

Tibetan organic goji berries covered in dark chocolate. Nothing gets more anti-oxidant than this combination.

Assorted Pocky
Princess' junk - assorted flavoured pocky.

Other less occasional contra-band goods in my house include Calbee and chocolates (kinder buenos and cadbury's crunchie). More frequent junks are Varlhona chocolates and egg-rolls from Taiwan but they get consumed rather slowly whilst the contra-bands got wolfed down FAST.

Akin - Lavender and Rose Repairing, Anti-Oxidant Night Creme

'Natural' products in Australia is a big industry.

Glancing through my local organic supermarket's skincare shelves, I counted about 5 or 6 different brands. The products range from handmade soaps to face care, body care, hair care and aromatherapy. Some even claimed to be 'vegan'??

Akin (Australian) and Trilogy (New Zealand) are two brands that caught my interest. I have tried some samples and liked them immensely.

When David Jones did a 20% off on all Akin range, I quickly grabbed the Repairing, Anti-Oxidant Night creme. It also claimed to be anti-aging and restructuring the skin's damage surface. Sounds like a miracle cream, no? How does a cream allege to do so many jobs??

On application, I can feel instant tightness to my skin. Normally that happens when a cream is too drying on my skin. But eh, I don't feel my skin drying out, just tight. No peeling on the cheek. Mmmm, anti-aging, tick. The following morning, rushed to the mirror after waking up. No peeling? Good sign. Start touching the skin, wow, smooth like Princess' bottom. Repairing, tick, restructuring, tick. Anti-oxidant, how does one test??

I am glad I found a solution for my dry and irritated cheeks. It is so bad I have to reapply calendula cream repeatedly over my usual face cream (I used Jurlique and Avene) and woke up several times during the night because of the itch on my dried and peeling like crazy cheeks. With Akin, I never need to reapply anything. Even good news is the cream is only A$35. I will be looking into the day cream next. Guess PH Advantage will have to wait....

Monday, August 13, 2007

OPI Lacquer

Opi Australia series
Miniature OPI

The Australia collection has the prettiest colours. I first bought the nude colour 'Canberra without you', a pinkish shimmery nude. I went crazy after putting it on my toenails. Oh so pretty, so pretty! Rushed to David Jones the next weekend to grab these little babies.

What's in the box?
Dark dark red - Suzi loves Sydney (so dark I feel vampire-ly)
Perfect pink - Didgeridoo Your Nails? (so pretty it makes me feel)
Elegant brown - Don't Melbourne The Toast (so elegant I want to accesorize it with my bubble quilt)
Rapidry top coat (best topcoat ever)

All for only A$25. Siao if I don't buy.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Eating mantou


Fate brought me to Brisbane. I am so in love with this city. Great weather, great food, great people, great everything!

Quite a number of Taiwanese migrated to this part of Oz so I am able to find good baos and mantou (made with fresh milk) and my beloved chinese crullers (youcharkway) quite easily.

I prefer to eat the mantou plain with a dollop of butter. But for lunch, I would eat a bit more 'luxurious'; bacon and egg and sometimes sausage (way too 'luxurious' for the waist :D) is normally my preference to eat with doughy goods. Princess will eat hers with egg only.

Princess ateall the eggs 1
Eh, baobei, where are the eggs??

Friday, August 03, 2007

[Brisbane bakery] French Twist

No bakery escapes my scrutiny if ever one is in my way. Small, big, fancy looking, hole in the wall; I love them all!

French Twist at Carindale
French Twist at Westfield Carindale

With various location across the city/state (Queensland), this is the most decent looking and up-market bakey/patisserie in the complex. I've been eyeing the display chiller for god knows N times before I finally made up my mind what to get. They ain't cheap, when is anything cheap in Australia?!

Bonaparte millefeulle
Bonaparte millefeulle

It's got to be none other than millefeulle (aka vanilla slice). The kung-fu of the sifu is in the pastry making.

Bonaparte millefeulle1

The guy at the counter taught me how to slice this notoriously flaky pastry. Neat trick. I must have looked totally clueless back there. When it comes to french desserts, my eyes shone brighter than lightning, head giddy and heart pounding with excitement when so many goodies were presented in front of me and I don't know which to choose, wanting to bring home ALL. Hoo hoo, I am a dessert monster.

Oooh, back to the millefeulle. A classic french bake goody with custard sandwiched between puff pastry. Doesn't sound interesting, I know. But once tried, the addiction never go away. It's hard to come across one well made. French Twist's version is alright, definitely better than your average neighbourhood bakery's vanilla slice. But it's still nothing compared to my no.1 Laduree version. Ohhhh, how my heart weep from the memory of taste but not being able to savour one now.....Heartache, heartache......

Well....Princess loves it.....she told me,'let's have it again tonight' with big grin on her face when we polished off the slice, licking her finger.

I said,'but we finished it all, cannot have it again tonight, bo liao.'

Princess pondered for a while and responded,'tomorrow we eat again ah.'

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Brisbane's Westfield Carindale


While Big King was away in France, I have access to our only car during the day. So I brought Princess jalan-jalan.

The shopping centre has these children rides dotted all round the complex. Heaven to children, nightmare to the parents! One ride costs A$2!

It was school holiday when we went and there was a live performance from tv personalities 'The Crocmen'. The surrounding stage was fully packed by highly enthusiastic children who sing and dance along with the crocmen.

After the show, we went in search of the sweet stuff. Hehe, my purpose of this visit.