Thursday, August 16, 2007

Akin - Lavender and Rose Repairing, Anti-Oxidant Night Creme

'Natural' products in Australia is a big industry.

Glancing through my local organic supermarket's skincare shelves, I counted about 5 or 6 different brands. The products range from handmade soaps to face care, body care, hair care and aromatherapy. Some even claimed to be 'vegan'??

Akin (Australian) and Trilogy (New Zealand) are two brands that caught my interest. I have tried some samples and liked them immensely.

When David Jones did a 20% off on all Akin range, I quickly grabbed the Repairing, Anti-Oxidant Night creme. It also claimed to be anti-aging and restructuring the skin's damage surface. Sounds like a miracle cream, no? How does a cream allege to do so many jobs??

On application, I can feel instant tightness to my skin. Normally that happens when a cream is too drying on my skin. But eh, I don't feel my skin drying out, just tight. No peeling on the cheek. Mmmm, anti-aging, tick. The following morning, rushed to the mirror after waking up. No peeling? Good sign. Start touching the skin, wow, smooth like Princess' bottom. Repairing, tick, restructuring, tick. Anti-oxidant, how does one test??

I am glad I found a solution for my dry and irritated cheeks. It is so bad I have to reapply calendula cream repeatedly over my usual face cream (I used Jurlique and Avene) and woke up several times during the night because of the itch on my dried and peeling like crazy cheeks. With Akin, I never need to reapply anything. Even good news is the cream is only A$35. I will be looking into the day cream next. Guess PH Advantage will have to wait....

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