Wednesday, August 29, 2007

'Trendy' Stones Corner, NOT

One fine day I brought Princess jalan-jalan in the nearby factory outlet stores. The neighbouhood has been described as 'trendy', mehhhhhh......

Stones Corner

Took us 20 minutes by foot and up and down some hills (we stay on higher grounds with stunning views). We arrived and I was breathless. Bad bad idea bringing Princess out on my own, somemore on foot.

Though tired but spirits were high. I pointed my camera everywhere and click, click, click away. There were a LOT of bemused looks. Chinese lady one hand holding a toddler, the other hand on the camera, audible but incomprehensible sound coming out of her mouth (ordering Princess to behave and don't run off on her own). I know I must be a sight :D

Had lunch at the local conveyor belt sushi shop before heading home. Bad idea...I spotted 'ju jiang' soya sauce on the cooking station/worktop. Tis a 'mutton dressed in lamb's coat' shop. I had only 4 plates and the bill came up to A$18.70. Big rip off!

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