Friday, August 03, 2007

[Brisbane bakery] French Twist

No bakery escapes my scrutiny if ever one is in my way. Small, big, fancy looking, hole in the wall; I love them all!

French Twist at Carindale
French Twist at Westfield Carindale

With various location across the city/state (Queensland), this is the most decent looking and up-market bakey/patisserie in the complex. I've been eyeing the display chiller for god knows N times before I finally made up my mind what to get. They ain't cheap, when is anything cheap in Australia?!

Bonaparte millefeulle
Bonaparte millefeulle

It's got to be none other than millefeulle (aka vanilla slice). The kung-fu of the sifu is in the pastry making.

Bonaparte millefeulle1

The guy at the counter taught me how to slice this notoriously flaky pastry. Neat trick. I must have looked totally clueless back there. When it comes to french desserts, my eyes shone brighter than lightning, head giddy and heart pounding with excitement when so many goodies were presented in front of me and I don't know which to choose, wanting to bring home ALL. Hoo hoo, I am a dessert monster.

Oooh, back to the millefeulle. A classic french bake goody with custard sandwiched between puff pastry. Doesn't sound interesting, I know. But once tried, the addiction never go away. It's hard to come across one well made. French Twist's version is alright, definitely better than your average neighbourhood bakery's vanilla slice. But it's still nothing compared to my no.1 Laduree version. Ohhhh, how my heart weep from the memory of taste but not being able to savour one now.....Heartache, heartache......

Well....Princess loves it.....she told me,'let's have it again tonight' with big grin on her face when we polished off the slice, licking her finger.

I said,'but we finished it all, cannot have it again tonight, bo liao.'

Princess pondered for a while and responded,'tomorrow we eat again ah.'

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