Friday, August 24, 2007

Redcliffe outing & Morgan's Seafood

Bridge to redcliffe
Bridge connecting wherever we came from and the coastline

Fine day to travel to Redcliffe/Scarborough for a bit of sightseeing and of course, fish & chips.

Turned out nothing to see at Redcliffe, not even a chippy in sight. Decided to get some advice from two old ladies (they were ancient alright) manning the tourist centre. They debated amongst themselves which one we should go for. Factors to consider surrounding the lil one, comfy seating, park to waste our time if lil one got bored, menu for lil one. The debate still going strong when we left with a map with agak-agak locations of their choices roughly marked on the map.

After several twists and turns and gotten lost on the way, we arrived at Morgan's. A restaurant which won many accolades.

Morgan's infrastructure
We grabbed the last table on the deck. Though it was a fine sunny day, the wind is still chilly (hey, winter here). But we're happy beating the cold wind. Inside is old school and grim with flowery cushions seats and all. Urghh, ancient and not very attractive.

Morgan's menu
Menu, yes only ONE page

Morgan's orders
I spied HUGE portions on other tables so we decided to go for only mains and have desserts later.

Tick, tock, tick, tock. It was 45 minutes before our food FINALLY (scream) arrived.

I ordered 'Taste of the bay'. It came with moreton bay bug (delicious!!), mussels (tough), crumbed fish fillet (dry and tasteless), calamari rings (nice and tender) and prawns (tough and chewy).

Big King went for baby baramundi rubbed with morroccan spice served with coucous and side salad. Ewwww, don't like baramundi. Will never want to see or touch let alone eat one in future ever again. Eeee, gali, gali......

Al-fresco dining outside. Mostly catered for the fish market's customers. You can buy any seafood and have them cook to your liking. Too bad we saw the market after we took off in our car.

There's a dock at the end of the deck in the restaurant. I have seen people arrived in their yachts. Speak about grand entrance, woo.

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