Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hokkaido Scallops

Hokkaido Scallops

At $33 a kilo, it's a bargain!! (Buy fresh at $5x.xx a kilo)

Grab one at Welcome Supermarket (Chinese supermarket) at Sunnybank Plaza.

Haven & Croft Free Range Chicken

Free-range chicken

Corn fed, free range and hormone free chicken is the way to go.

I normally get a 13 to 15 at Powerhouse market (@$10) but they are available at good butcher shop. Boy am I glad they are being stocked (chilled) at Superior Meats, Holland Park. After tasting sausages from various butchers, I find the Irish sausages at Superior Meats best suited my palate, Bangalow pork sausages are also very good.

Superior Meats
959 Logan Rd
Holland Park

The butcher shop has recently expanded and now include a seafood counter.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Breakfast at Powerhouse

Nothing beats carb for breakfast! Especially in the form of pancakes and waffles, yum!

Breakfast at Powerhouse Market
The cake like waffle (pictured) was good but the traditional Belgian doughy/yeasty version is even better (round shape as seen on the stall banner)! Strongly recommend, must try!

The French Flan stall is always popular with people tapau (take-away) 4 or 5 at one go. Hmmm.....curious.....we ordered one with mushroom and bacon and cheese. It tasted like paper thin crust pizza. Nice but not die die must try.

@Powerhouse Market
Princess looking gloomy, she can't wait to tuck in!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Princess @New Farm Park

Princess @New Farm Park
Before moving to our current house, we would normally bring Princess to New Farm Park for her 'Happy Hour' time.

Princess is very clumsy XD, needed a lot of help to 'climb up mountain climb down sea' in the park's wooden playhouse.

Brisbane on sale! - Peter's of Kensington, the sale worth waiting for!

Peter's of Kensington
57 Anzac Parade
Kensington NSW 2033

Peter's of Kensington
My first ever Le Creuset, welcome to the family!

I bought (selling price/sale price/internet price):-
Le Creuset - Cherry Red French Oven Round 24 cm (349/251/225)
Laguiole - Bread Knife Red (39/??/35)
Global - Utility Knife 11 cm (70/44/39)
Global - Santoku Knife 18 cm (135/91/81)
Zyliss - 4 in 1 Slicer & Grater (30/21/18)
OXO - Good Grips Flexible Pancake Turner (18/10/9)

A whopping saving! Even cheaper than Everten online! Save even more by shopping online! Hurrah! Go go go shop now!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quan Thanh @West End

Quan Thanh
5/75 Hardgrave Road
West End
Queensland 4101

If you are on the lookout for cheap, tasty and reasonably fast service near Brisbane City, look no further than Hardgrave Road in West End.

This stretch of Hardgrave Road offers dining choices like Tibetan, Indonesian, Cafe and Vietnamese/Chinese.

We chose Quan Thanh on our first ever visit.

Quan Thanh
Inside the restaurant is air-conditioned and some al-fresco dining option too.

Quan Thanh Meal From left 3 (or is it 4?) coloured rice, grilled pork vermicelli salad and spring roll

There are some bad reviews on those restaurant guide sites, but our experience has been a pleasant one. From food to service to overall cleanliness, they're passable. If you expect every-sec attention to be on you and the wait staff practically answer your call at the oh just half-lift finger and constantly refilling your glasses once it's half-empty. For gawd's sake just go somewhere else, maybe the nearby posh Southbank.

I think the food was delish! Definitely one of the better Vietnamese establishments around.

After a hearty meal (did I mention the portion was generous?), talk a walk and have a browse at the nearby Shibui Homewares which sells homewares from Japan or pick up a loaf of organic sourdough bread from Sol Bread.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jocelyn's Provision @ James Street

Jocelyn’s Provisions
Shop 8 Centro on James
James Street
Fortitude Valley
Phone: 07 3852 3799

Cake & biccies by Jocelyn's Prov
Flourless chocolate cake, melting moments and mocha biscuits

Flourless cake by Jocelyn's Provision
Flourless chocolate cake with raspberries

Ricotta Fruit Cup
Ricotta fruit cup

Jocelyn's Provision is touted to be a Brisbane institution. It is so famous and popular with the locals so much so that it is very much reflected in the price of their products. Oh don't get me wrong that I am dissatisfied with the quality for the moolah I parted with. The products are very good quality but to be honest they're actually achievable at home (at least in my kitchen). But I have to say they do a mean lamb pie and it's the only thing I'll go back to the shop for.

Oh, it's A$15 for the six-ish inch slice of the legendary flourless chocolake cake and $3.50 for ONE piece of melting moment (you know, just regular size, they are not humongous or special in any way). That kind of money will buy me gateau and almond croissants and macarons and eclairs in the nearby patisserie I am infatuated with hehe.........

To buy or not, to visit or not, you decide lor.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Princess @ Edamame and Pacific Centre (again)

Mum and sis complained there's too few Princess' pics on the blog *guilty*


Princess checked out (aka running and climbing up and down everywhere -_-''') the place when there is only one other patron in the res enjoying his karaage set meal *yum*

@Pacific Centre

Another pic taken at Pacific Centre before makan at Yahoo Seafood Restaurant.

This 'lil one is always making faces and very bising. She attracts a lot of attention everywhere she goes -_-'''

The Korean lady boss from the Korean minimart a few doors away from Yahoo was charmed by her and offered her a big juicy strawberry (washed). Princess was so happy. Most tam-chia she is, eat until the juices drop and stained the skirt >_<

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Edamame @ St Lucia

Shop2/224 Hawken Drv, St Lucia
Ph 3876 0060
A no-frill, self-service Japanese eatery in St Lucia, Edamame is anything but a plain neighbourhood Jap place (think Sushi Station, Sushi Train, Sushi whatever........).

Edamame Interior
Nondescript interior and communal long tables with stools.

Edamame Menu
Today's specials written on blackboard.

Edamame Soft Shell Crab Set
From the blackboard special, I chose softshell crab and seaweed salad set.

Edamame's Spicy Ramen
From the uniquely scruffy but comprehensive menu, Big King went for spicy ramen with char siew.

Edamame Karaage
Our default order in Japanese eatery, karaage (fried chicken).

We arrived a little after 12pm, the place is deserted while nearby chippy and restaurants were doing a roaring business. Being our first visit, we hesitated going in. Big King was eyeing Song (Malaysian) next door, but I need my Jap food dose so we sit down upon my insistence.

We were bemused first time looking at Edamame's menu. Several pieces of coloured printed papers were clip onto a file rather impromptu-ly.

Big King was annoyed, flipping through the pages over and over again.

'Why nothing to eat one?' barked the King. The eyes hovering over the ramen page but scared to make the decision. It's a gamble ordering ramen in a place not specialising in it.

After an eternity, Big King finally decided to gamble, 'there's just nothing else I could eat from the menu'. Duh. (Big King shun sashimi, seafood, beef, chicken leg and not particularly excited with lamb)

After we placed our orders, patrons started trickling in. Within 15 minutes, the whole place is FULL @_@ Good thing we came early.

After another eternity, the food came. People who came at 1pm could be getting their food only at 3pm, closing time.

Food came, all is well. Everything was delicious and Big King was happy (proud) with his choice. I must agree with him. The soup stock was so tasty, I keep digging into his bowl.......

Karaage was the best we have eaten so far in Brissie. The side dishes for the soft-shell crab was exquisite and well executed, something I'll never expect from a canteen-style eatery.

Like Lizzy Loel wrote in Courier-mail, 'IF I were an urban planner I would make it compulsory to have an Edamame-type establishment in every suburb.' (September 17, 2007)

I couldn't agree more.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mi Cafe - Wanton Noodles and Roast Duck Rice

Mi Cafe at Sunnybank Plaza, Mains Road

Roast Duck Rice
Roast duck rice (about $13.90)

Portion is generous with a side serving of greens.

BBQ Pork & Wanton Noodles
Wanton and char siew noodle soup (about $10.90)

Prawns/shrimp in wanton is fresh and springy. Char siew is tasty as usual. Noodles retained its springiness even after soaking in the soup for a while. Result of fair bit of alkaline water added to noodles is suspected.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Myer Sale! - Plus Size Department

Ni, these are from Myer Plus Size Department.

This white blouse not on sale, around AUD60

Friday, January 04, 2008

Tetsuya's Black Truffle Salsa

Truffle is not for the cheapskates, like me.

Scrambled egg with truffle

There is so much rave about truffle so I decided to have a try myself. Recent visit to Black Pearl Epicure in the valley, I scored the much raved about Tetsuya's black truffle salsa. I have read how someone rushed to the counter and bought a jar after tasting it in the acclaimed Tetsuya's restaurant in Sydney. So my mind scream, die die must try!

The black dots in the scrambled eggs are the famed truffle. I was apprehensive putting it in my mouth cause, phwoarrrr, the smell! gila man it's like having the gas station right in your kitchen/living room/entire house!

Carefully coaxing Princess to try a small bite. 'Nah, eat lah, your favourite bah, eggs, ho chia bah'.

Princess took one bite and immediately spit out the precious 'black dots'. Covering her mouth with both her hands; almost inaudible mai liao, mai liao, still managed to escape through the heavily guarded mouth.

OMG, that bad??

Die lah, no choice, I have to eat ALL of it. *Sob*Sob* First time eating an expensive stuff so susah.

So I shove a BIG heap tablespoon into my reluctantly open mouth. It seemed the smell and taste hit the brain at the same time. TMD, it's like swallowing 2 or 3 gas stations in one go.

I think I'll just stick to my faithful smoked salmon.

*Sob* money wasted.

Krispy Creme

When is Krispy Creme coming to Brisbane?

Krispy Creme

My favourite is original glazed, heated, in microwave for 8-10 sec, hurrah, prepare for a taste of heaven, well, my heaven.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Green Tea Panna Cotta with Adzuki Bean

Green Tea panna cotta with azuki bean
It was unlikely I would bake myself a birthday cake(haha I know so long ago my birthday, it was september last year!). Don't know why, just no mood......

So I made one of my favourite desserts, green tea panna cotta and served with honeyed adzuki beans because green tea and adzuki beans are 'good friends'.

Can't have it too often, gotta watch the waistline >.<

Princess @ Pacific Centre

At Pacific Centre