Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mi Cafe - Wanton Noodles and Roast Duck Rice

Mi Cafe at Sunnybank Plaza, Mains Road

Roast Duck Rice
Roast duck rice (about $13.90)

Portion is generous with a side serving of greens.

BBQ Pork & Wanton Noodles
Wanton and char siew noodle soup (about $10.90)

Prawns/shrimp in wanton is fresh and springy. Char siew is tasty as usual. Noodles retained its springiness even after soaking in the soup for a while. Result of fair bit of alkaline water added to noodles is suspected.

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sieyee said...

wowwww.... this 2 item is my favourite... rememeber to bring me over.. ok ok