Sunday, January 13, 2008

Edamame @ St Lucia

Shop2/224 Hawken Drv, St Lucia
Ph 3876 0060
A no-frill, self-service Japanese eatery in St Lucia, Edamame is anything but a plain neighbourhood Jap place (think Sushi Station, Sushi Train, Sushi whatever........).

Edamame Interior
Nondescript interior and communal long tables with stools.

Edamame Menu
Today's specials written on blackboard.

Edamame Soft Shell Crab Set
From the blackboard special, I chose softshell crab and seaweed salad set.

Edamame's Spicy Ramen
From the uniquely scruffy but comprehensive menu, Big King went for spicy ramen with char siew.

Edamame Karaage
Our default order in Japanese eatery, karaage (fried chicken).

We arrived a little after 12pm, the place is deserted while nearby chippy and restaurants were doing a roaring business. Being our first visit, we hesitated going in. Big King was eyeing Song (Malaysian) next door, but I need my Jap food dose so we sit down upon my insistence.

We were bemused first time looking at Edamame's menu. Several pieces of coloured printed papers were clip onto a file rather impromptu-ly.

Big King was annoyed, flipping through the pages over and over again.

'Why nothing to eat one?' barked the King. The eyes hovering over the ramen page but scared to make the decision. It's a gamble ordering ramen in a place not specialising in it.

After an eternity, Big King finally decided to gamble, 'there's just nothing else I could eat from the menu'. Duh. (Big King shun sashimi, seafood, beef, chicken leg and not particularly excited with lamb)

After we placed our orders, patrons started trickling in. Within 15 minutes, the whole place is FULL @_@ Good thing we came early.

After another eternity, the food came. People who came at 1pm could be getting their food only at 3pm, closing time.

Food came, all is well. Everything was delicious and Big King was happy (proud) with his choice. I must agree with him. The soup stock was so tasty, I keep digging into his bowl.......

Karaage was the best we have eaten so far in Brissie. The side dishes for the soft-shell crab was exquisite and well executed, something I'll never expect from a canteen-style eatery.

Like Lizzy Loel wrote in Courier-mail, 'IF I were an urban planner I would make it compulsory to have an Edamame-type establishment in every suburb.' (September 17, 2007)

I couldn't agree more.

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fuzi said...

i have been there a few times recently, and food has been served quicker than before. it was really good. they seem to have new kitchen staff. and i think some of the dishes look better than before too. i really think you should review it again.