Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quan Thanh @West End

Quan Thanh
5/75 Hardgrave Road
West End
Queensland 4101

If you are on the lookout for cheap, tasty and reasonably fast service near Brisbane City, look no further than Hardgrave Road in West End.

This stretch of Hardgrave Road offers dining choices like Tibetan, Indonesian, Cafe and Vietnamese/Chinese.

We chose Quan Thanh on our first ever visit.

Quan Thanh
Inside the restaurant is air-conditioned and some al-fresco dining option too.

Quan Thanh Meal From left 3 (or is it 4?) coloured rice, grilled pork vermicelli salad and spring roll

There are some bad reviews on those restaurant guide sites, but our experience has been a pleasant one. From food to service to overall cleanliness, they're passable. If you expect every-sec attention to be on you and the wait staff practically answer your call at the oh just half-lift finger and constantly refilling your glasses once it's half-empty. For gawd's sake just go somewhere else, maybe the nearby posh Southbank.

I think the food was delish! Definitely one of the better Vietnamese establishments around.

After a hearty meal (did I mention the portion was generous?), talk a walk and have a browse at the nearby Shibui Homewares which sells homewares from Japan or pick up a loaf of organic sourdough bread from Sol Bread.

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