Monday, January 21, 2008

Jocelyn's Provision @ James Street

Jocelyn’s Provisions
Shop 8 Centro on James
James Street
Fortitude Valley
Phone: 07 3852 3799

Cake & biccies by Jocelyn's Prov
Flourless chocolate cake, melting moments and mocha biscuits

Flourless cake by Jocelyn's Provision
Flourless chocolate cake with raspberries

Ricotta Fruit Cup
Ricotta fruit cup

Jocelyn's Provision is touted to be a Brisbane institution. It is so famous and popular with the locals so much so that it is very much reflected in the price of their products. Oh don't get me wrong that I am dissatisfied with the quality for the moolah I parted with. The products are very good quality but to be honest they're actually achievable at home (at least in my kitchen). But I have to say they do a mean lamb pie and it's the only thing I'll go back to the shop for.

Oh, it's A$15 for the six-ish inch slice of the legendary flourless chocolake cake and $3.50 for ONE piece of melting moment (you know, just regular size, they are not humongous or special in any way). That kind of money will buy me gateau and almond croissants and macarons and eclairs in the nearby patisserie I am infatuated with hehe.........

To buy or not, to visit or not, you decide lor.....


Helen said...

$15 for a slice of cake!! whoa!!

Rabbit Sim said...

Imagine my shock when told the amount to pay. But it's my fault to buy buy buy without asking the price in the first place. The products were not priced or properly labeled (only some were labeled). It's a 'black shop' in my book.

Anonymous said...

It is not $15 for a slice of cake it is for a whole barcake, which is actually closer to 9/10 inches. That being said, though when the post was written I would recommend buying from the shop. In the past two years the prices have gone up and the quality no longer exists ( even in the lamb pies) due to an owner change. Do not bother with this shop as the food is days old( though the staff are forced to tell you it is fresh) and the quality of even a fresh product is questionable, if you MUST purchase something from this shop, stick with sweets as you are less likely to spend the next day on the loo.