Friday, August 17, 2007

Cream Patisserie Coorparoo

Cream Patisserie shop

Orange poppyseed cake & sticky toffee pud & raspberry cheesecake
Left above: Orange poppyseed cake (gluten free) A$3.90
Left below: Sticky date and toffee pudding A$5.90
Right: Raspberry marshmallow cheesecake A$6.90

White chocolate cheesecake & Chocolate pistachio date slice
Left: White chocolate cheesecake covered in chocolate fudge A$7.90
Right: Chocolate pistachio date slice A$6.90

Best recommended: sticky date and toffee pud. Best taste sensation is the candied chocolate covered date on top of the pud.

Rest of the items are average. Pretty much a write-off shop in my must-visit-again book cos you can find them better and cheaper elsewhere.

Cream Patisserie Coorparoo
These pictures were taken at about 18.10, less than an hour to closing time. Notice the display window? Still pretty much filled...........

Next door is an upmarket mish mash shop, Princess has her eyes set on the red rocking bee? sheep? Good thing it's closed both the time we visited.


sieyee said...

Rabbit, remember to bring me there when i visit you ah!!!... Gu not yet back ah? when will he be back?

Anonymous said...

hi rabbit, i'm in brisbane too!! you can visit choquette over at barker st at new farm for french pastries.

they have macaroons too!

Rabbit Sim said...

Hi Ni,
I will bring you to other better places.

Hi anonymous,
I have been visiting Chouquette on a weekly basis. Just collecting more pictures to do a post! EVERYTHING in the shop is good!