Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Top Noodle @ Market Square

Top Noodle @ market square Brisbane
My favourite lunch joint in Brisbane.

Most of the ingredients are imported from Japan. Chef is Japanese. How authentic I don't know for I have never been to Japan.

Top Noodle Ramen
Left: Shio seafood base ramen (A$11.90?)
Right: Tan tan ramen (A$9.80?)

The ramen is good, soup base is good. I prefer the shio seafood to tonkotsu which I had on previous visits. Don't be fooled by the fiery colour on the tan tan ramen bowl. The spiciness level is just mild, even Pincess can take it.
Salmon Don & Karaage
Left: Mini salmon toro bowl (A$3.90)
Right: Karaage (A$4.00)

At only A$3.90, it was hard for me to pass the mini toro bowl. I prefer the tuna belly but they sell out fast. The toro is nicely seasoned and garnished with shredded seaweed and chopped spring onions. Shove a little bit of everything into your mouth, you would truly be in seventh heaven.
Karaage is Princess favourite. The version here is very good. Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside and they didn't even need the lemon.


driver4567 said...

I love top noodle... I eat there a lot also

driver4567 said...

I love your blog... I just read a fair bit of it... I'm from Brisbane, and love food. I now what to visit a lot more restaurants.