Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Eating mantou


Fate brought me to Brisbane. I am so in love with this city. Great weather, great food, great people, great everything!

Quite a number of Taiwanese migrated to this part of Oz so I am able to find good baos and mantou (made with fresh milk) and my beloved chinese crullers (youcharkway) quite easily.

I prefer to eat the mantou plain with a dollop of butter. But for lunch, I would eat a bit more 'luxurious'; bacon and egg and sometimes sausage (way too 'luxurious' for the waist :D) is normally my preference to eat with doughy goods. Princess will eat hers with egg only.

Princess ateall the eggs 1
Eh, baobei, where are the eggs??

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Mitch said...

Can you please advise on where to get the mantou and other similar things in Brisbane?
I haven't been able to find any places that sell them here.
Been to the Valley and Sunnybank.
Even frozen ones would be fine, (but fresh would be better)
Thanks so much.