Monday, September 03, 2007

Re Del Gelato @ New Farm

Re Del Gelato New Farm
Big shop, lots of flavour with minimal seatings.

RDG menu

After a forgetable meal at Morgan's, my stomach is crying out, 'feed me yummy food.'

RDG display

So many choices, so little tummy space. After some 'heated' debate in my head, I settled for guava sorbet (for me) and nutella (for Princess).

Guava & nutella

The colours were quite subtle (a good sign). They may not look appetising (lack of colour) but the flavours pack a bunch.

Guava sorbet: it's like scoffing down real guava, only in sorbet form.
Nutella: smell and tasted like the real mccoy.

Re Del Gelato seating
Seating at one corner

There is no lack of good gelato place in Brisbane, they are everywhere! *Big grin*

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