Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gerbino's Pasticceria @ New Farm

Gerbino's Pasticceria & display cabinets

Few shops away from Re Del gelato is this authentic Italian bakery. Aiyo, dessert freak like me screamed (in the head and heart) die die must try when I spied the shop driving up and down Brunswick street looking for Re Del.

I practically 'ran' to the shop after being refreshed by my guava sorbet. Wow, look at the gelato cabinet, look at the whole cake display, look at the small goodies cabinets full of bacis, meringues, canollis, biccies, tiramisu and miniature cakes.

I was like a child in a toy store, excited, pointing here and there, running from canibet to cabinet, kanasiau. Luckily, no one bothered (there's no one in the shop except us and the owners too busy haha)

Gerbino's packaging & cakes cabinet

Aiyo, cincai lah, what for pack so sui?

Sicilian canoli & coffee semifreddo

After throwing millions of questions at the owner, I only brought home pistachio canolli and coffee semifreddo (cake not ice cream). I hope I didn't kena cursed....

Canolli - eee er, I don't like. The pastry tasted fried in 'thousand year' oil. The filling is sourish cheese with pistachio coated at both ends. I gali after eating.
Coffee semifreddo - now this one is nice and very addictive. I love coffee mah.

I had planned return visits, but ever since I discovered Chouquette I cannot stay away from the place. Wait lah, see when I get sian of the place.

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