Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunnybank Oriental

Oriental Restaurant

We came for lunch, still quite a few tables vacant. So unlike our last visit where we have to queue and given a number.

Sunnybank Oriental
My craving for claypot rice is what brought us here. Quite a few varieties to choose from, I settled for garoupa fillets in black bean sauce. Everything in the pot was cooked to perfection. I was surprised to find mui choy hidden underneath the fish. Very very tasty.

Big King had Shunde fried kway teow. The kway teow was fried dry with lap cheong, egg, beansprouts and squid. Shunde style meh? Wery salty, not wery good, no no.

Spotted salt and pepper squid on the menu, couldn't resisit. Not wery good oso, came soggy and wery salty.

Will only visit again for the cheap brekkie sets and claypot rice.


Anonymous said...

Ya some of their food isn't too nice... Don't try their stir fried spag...not nice at all.

I think so far the best salt and pepper squid i've tried so far is from cybercity in the valley.


Rabbit Sim said...

Best salt n pepper squid tentacles I tried is King of Kings at Queen St plaza next to the cinema.

From what I observed, the chefs are all old old sifu so I gather the master of the masters is here. All dim sum items I had at this branch tasted much nicer than the Valley branch.

Anonymous said...

i never really liked king of kings at the valley for dimsum... the staff are quite rude and never fail to not notice us when we call for them.

for yumcha, my friends and i go to the manors at eight mile plains... still waiting for marigold at sunnybank mkt sq to reopen...their dimsum is nice.