Friday, September 14, 2007

Jan Power's Farmers Markets @ New Farm

Location: 119 Lamington Street, New Farm
(only 10 minutes from where I stay, yahoooo!!)

The market starts at crack of dawn and finishes at around midday.

An upmarket farmer's market with shoppers toting their Chanel, LV, Guccis and A$160 Grosler shopping trolley around. I have seen a lady using a medium Longchamp dumpling as her shopping 'basket' @_@

Jan Power Market 1
Stalls selling woven basket, petit fours, organic muesli.

Jan Power Market 2
Beautifully packaged brownies (tis ok but not worth the hefty price tag), pickled olives, greek yogurt (my fav!) and fresh vegetables & fruits stalls.

Jan Power Market 3
Fresh & frozen seafood, german sausages (my fav!), hydrophonic tomatoes and different varieties of spuds.

Jan Power Market4
Organic meat stall, interesting snazzy prints, the famous Sol sourdough bread (they're really good), natural skin & bodycare products and exotic mushroom stall.

Amore Fine Food

Dainty petit fours from Amore Fine Food. They are all YUM!

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