Thursday, September 06, 2007

Driscoll's - World's Best Strawberries?

Australian Strawberries
Earlier last month, I scored some Driscoll's strawberries. Allegedly to be the best variety in the world, Driscoll is indeed sweet and juicy. Before, I thought English strawberries in summer is KING. Now Driscoll's is top KING, hehe.

Don't ask how strawberries are in season in the middle of winter here in Oz. Really don't ask, see them, grab them and eat them.

There's this strawberry vendor in the fortnightly Jan Power market. Ther're always there, rain or shine. Tried the sample, it's Kandara variety (whatever...). OK sweet so buy. Turns out, kena tipu. Those we brought home average sweet only. Meh. Will give them 'pigeon' eye next time I pass by the stall.

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Anonymous said...

I am raspberry farmer whom supplied Kandara Strawberries. I unfortunately am still waiting to be paid for them from Kandara for an amount in excess of $6400.