Friday, September 21, 2007

Hien Vuong @ Market Square

Hien Vuong @ Market Sq

Vietnamese restaurant in Market Square with eye catchy neon signs on the window. What's this thing about neon lights with Vietnamese restaurants? ALL the viet joints I've seen around town (like those on Hardgrave Road) are adorned with neon lights. So cheesy, eeeeee......

Vietnamese 4 colour rice & spring roll @ Market Square
Four colours rice and spring rolls

Four colours refer to pork chop, fried egg, meat patty and shredded meat stir fry something. The 'four colours' were cold (must be cooked in advance) but tasted alright. Little wonder it arrived at the table within minutes of ordering.

Springrolls were good, Princess kept asking for them.

Chicken Pho with crispy skin chicken maryland @ Vietnamese Market Sq
Chicken pho with crispy chicken

So this restaurant claimed to be pho specialist (noticed the big 'PHO' sign on the window), of course must try lah. The pho came with lots of herbs floating on top. Uh-oh, I saw bits of celery floating around. I hate the stuff!! I chanted to myself, celery is good for you, celery is good for you................Finally picked up courage to try. Oklah acceptable, not too smelly and didn't taste too strong. Luckily the noodles didn't soak up any of the flavour. The fried chicken oklah, could have stayed in the marinade longer maybe a day, haha.

Would I go back? Only if I am in desperate need of a springroll fix and happen to be nearby.

I have also tried the cha-chan-teng next door. No good but portion very generous. Could do better with the moolah elsewhere. Also tried the viet restaurant in Sunnybank Plaza, nothing outstanding from there, I couldn't even remember what I ate!


sieyee said...

Sing.. happy belated bday...why you seldom log in to msn now?

Rabbit Sim said...

I got log in ah but selalu kena disconnectd. I also dunno why :(