Wednesday, September 19, 2007

[The King and I] 2007 Birthday Makan

It was my birthday yesterday.

I searched the web long and hard for some wonderful eats around here. French bistro or Japanese, arghhh, torn between the two.

In the end, Japanese food won, cos it's just round the corner where I stay. Big King is not fond of Jap food, but heck, I got say, it's my birthday meal.

It's a gamble on this neighbourhood restaurant called Sakura on Bennetts Road. It has no website, review is scarce. Aiyo, didn't even know whether it will be expensive.

Aiyah, don't care, I'm hankering for a sashimi and tempura fix. We visited last saturday without a reservation. Two vacant tables, lucky.

Sakura @ Coorparoo
Top: Karaage (about A$9??) and agedashi tofu (about A$8??)
Bottom: Moreton Bay bug tempura (A$16) and assorted sashimi (A$27)

It was a busy weekend night and we waited around half an hour for our food to arrive. I thought the food delish, was it because I was starving? The sashimi and tempura were wery good. I can't wait to visit again!

Big King ordered his usual (not pictured) tonkatsu (A$18.80) served with miso soup, rice, side salad and a section of corn cob. Blah, the meat was dry.

Big King also had his birthday earlier this month. He didn't care for a 'lavish' meal. So I cincai cook for him.

English Breakfast
Lunch: I cooked my fav English breakfast. Macam my birthday, eh, tsk tsk tsk.

I went gila when I saw Bangalow sweet pork on sale at James St market. Allegedly better than the world famous Kurobuta pork, die die must try lah. I bought the pork sausages and bacon. Oh, how beautiful and pristine they look, both raw and cooked.

One had to have the best bread and eggs to go with the rare sausages and bacon. I got a loaf of Boule from Chouquette and free range eggs from market. Aiyo, everything so delicious I must have died and gone to heaven.

Dinner: Long life yee meen with Hokkaido scallops.

Fish maw, eh no salah, it's sea cucumber with shiitake.

The scallops, eeee, not wery nice o. Better stick to our fab Harvey Bay scallops.

Sea cucumber was bought frozen. So thick and springy.

'Somebody' will snigger and say."my $280 a kilo one nicer and better."

Ok, ok (in high pitch) let you win. You are whatever world's champion lumba wan. Everybody, kowtow NOW.

I also cooked Hainanese chicken rice. Whoo, so stuffed after dinner, cannot even walk.

Chocolate Pudding

The cake I baked for Big King tidak jadi. Bought salah mould, aiyah, *frustration*. So tried to make a hot lava chocolate pudding. Sekali......tidak jadi also, the centre gooey gooey but refused to flow out. Aiyah, double frustration! For the first time I hate Delia....


Anonymous said...

Is sakura restaurant the one over at highgate hill? I went there before and their food is very good! Do try the beef tataki next time... it's to die for!

Eh, is that sea cucumber that you cooked together with shitake mushrooms? It looks very good! Haven't had sea cucumber over here in brisbane for ages!

Happy belated birthday to you and your king!


Rabbit Sim said...

Hi Benn,
Both Sakura at Highgate Hill and Coorparoo are related. I really enjoyed the food and from what I observed, so did the other patrons.

Sea cucumber is bought from Formosa supermarket in Sunnybank. About $36 for 4, very reasonable price to me. Plus quality is good too, it's after all black variety though not the best spiky ones.

I would like to try Edamame in St Lucia real soon!

Anonymous said...

oic. i might buy some sea cucumbers soon to cook. it's been so long!

Oh yes! do try edamame at st lucia! it's really good! i used to always go there for lunch when i was still studying at uq... their miso chilli is pretty hot and tangy!