Wednesday, February 25, 2009

[Brunei 2009 CNY] English High Tea @ The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Obligatory place to bring visitors.

My cousins from Singapore and Sydney and one of my besties from Taiwan is in town for Chinese New Year 2009.

There's no better way to spend a leisurely afternoon having elegant high tea with stunning view at The Empire.

English high tea@Empire
Three tiered Devonshire high tea B$19.95pp + 10% service
Top: assorted cakes
Middle: Freshly bakes plain (2) and raisin scones (2) served with cream and strawberry jam
Bottom: Assorted sandwiches

Princess wanted a BIG piece of chocolate cake so off she went to select from the cake counter.

She came back with a piece of Opera.

Bleh, why am I not surprised. Like father like daugther :D

They didn't/forgot to charge us for the Opera. I only realised when I got home when I took a glance at the receipt before chucking it away.

The following day's visit at fifth aunt's (my maternal side) 'palace'.

More cakes.

Cakes @5th aunt's

Cakes1@5th aunt's
Princess chose the round one on the left. Oh god, very weird taste.

I enquire fifth aunt the origin of these 'cakes' and made a mental note to avoid the place XD

Life is too short to waste precious calories.


bb said...

Was that green cake from Mum's Bakery? They look really well decorated n yummy. =D

BUY that bag!!!!! MUST

Rabbit Sim said...

How did you guess?

Eeyer, Mum's........