Tuesday, March 03, 2009

[Brisbane] Cleveleand Point

I have procrastinated long enough on this post.

I hadn't have much anticipation when Big King told me he wanted to do this Redlands scenic drive.

But once we got closer to the coastal region, I kept asking,'Where's the sceneries? Where??'

Oh well, maybe I am not a 'scenery' person -_-''

The day got worse when we got the worst service ever in my entire life at the Lighthouse fish & chip takeaway.

The girl behind the counter was cold and felt hesitant and disinterested to serve us. Then she lost our ticket/order. Hah, very convenient, I must say.

The lady who was behind me in the queue had the cheek to tell us she was BEFORE me when she got her food before us. Seeing that, we politlely enquired the staff. That said, she quickly fled the scene, my guess is, she left with our order too. You should have seen her, it was like she couldn't wait to leave the place quick enough.

So they said they would start cooking our food straight away after our enquiry. Still,took another 20 minutes and we had waited 40 minutes by that time.

When it came, wrong order!!

I am totally fuming by this point! Grrrrrr....

Then we ate. Frozen fish, frozen prawns, frozen scallops, frozen calamari. All previously FROZEN. So much for a seaside fish and chip takeaway. Bleh.

Cleveland Point at Sunset

Cleveland Point

Lighthouse@Clevelend Pt

Lighthouse menu@Cleveland Pt


Lara said...

There's no "scenic" drive, but you should try the fish and chips at
The Fishmonger's Wife
in East Brisbane. So yummy!

Rabbit Sim said...

Have heard so many good things about Fishmonger's Wife. Will give it a try when the weather's cooler.......
Yeah...'scenic drive', fooled by brochure and all those stupid 'Coastal Scenic Drive' signs dotted all over....Tourists beware......