Friday, March 20, 2009

[Hong Kong 2009 CNY] Tai Leung Dessert House

Day 2

大良八記 (Tai Leung)
白加士街43號地下 (Parkes St)
佐敦 (Jordan)
(Various locations in Hong Kong)

After a satisfying late lunch at Tam Chai, we went searching for desserts.

I was looking for Australian Dairy Milk Company in particular but when we arrived, alas, it was closed for the Chinese New Year and reopens in 3 days' time.

Very well, we proceeded to Tai Leung which is just next door? If not, it was close.

Time for some traditional Hong Kong style desserts.


The shop was real tiny, altogether about 6 to 7 tiny tables.

It also sells some dim sum items and rice dishes which is rare in sweetshop. So you can sit down have a full meal before sampling the delectable desserts.

Black sesame sweet soup with black sesame paste filled dumplings 芝麻糊加湯圓

The soup has a nice consistency, neither too thick nor too thin, just right for my liking. Sesame aroma is prevalent. Level of sweetness is just right, according to Big King. I would prefer it to be a tad sweeter, I am eating, after all, a tong (sugar/sweet) sui (water/soup).

The dumpling balls were good too. The thickness of the skin is to my liking, I like a bit of chew.

Princess loves this dessert, both the soup and the dumplings, she kept asking for them the next few days :P We fought for the last drop XD

Steamed milk and egg white custard 燉奶

This is a personal favourite of mine. I like the hot version while Big King prefers the cold. Tai Leung's version is decent. The custard was smooth but the eggy taste (蛋腥味) is a bit strong.

Total bill only came up to HKD24, bargain!

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bb said...

i kept staring at that sesame tong sui. DROOL. I willing to die in a pool of sesame tong sui. *dreaming*