Thursday, March 05, 2009

[Brunei CNY2009] Sky Lounge at Brunei International Airport

Just so you know, there is not a domestic terminal in Brunei.

After several days of bingeing, it was time we set off for the most exciting part of this journey.

Hong Kong Disneyland. Every child's dream.

BUT, as a third time visitor, it was a nightmare for me -_-'' , while first time (in Paris) was exciting, second time (in LA) a bore.

We were invited to Sky Lounge as we agreed to test drive the 'online check-in' at the airport. Which, did not work XD.

Sky Lounge
Osim in Sky Lounge

Princess enjoying her juice, croissant and yogurt.

Sky Lounge buffet
Buffet station

They were serving breakfast when we arrived, about 11am. I had a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a bowl of chicken porridge.

At 11.30, they cleared the breakfast items and served lunch.

Had a quick look and decided to try some dim sum items.

Dim sum@Sky Lounge
On my plate: sushi, sweet & sour fish, siew mai (pork dumpling), seaweed roll and a cold beancurd roll stuffed with imitation crab stick, seawood and fish paste.

Also on the menu were fried rice, fried kway teow (rice noodles), stir-fried mix veges and some beef dish and a tray of cold cuts.

Not fantastic but decent.

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