Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[Hong Kong 2009 CNY] Hong Kong Disneyland

Day 2

We made our way to Hong Kong Disneyland by MRT after a lacklustre breakfast at the hotel (it was inclusive in our hotel package).

When we arrived, @_@ oh mighty god. So many people. We queued for over half an hour just to get the tickets. Then queue for a bit more to enter. We were each presented with a chocolate gold coin in red packet at the entrance.

I think 95% of the visitors were from mainland China. Yeah you might have guessed. Rude encounters everywhere we went. From queue cutting to spitting publicly (once near my feet, ewwwwww :-(), sneezing and coughing into your face. Pushing and tugging and shoving (with ELBOWS +_+) trying to catch a glimpse at the parade.

A very trying and testing time for me. I told off a queue cutting woman when she snaked her way BESIDE me from back of the queue and she told to my face,'we are indeed queuing.' After delivering this 'honest confession' to me, she snaked right through to the front. Yeah, that is queuing for them. We were the dumbo perhaps, according to them. Heh, bunch of dumbheads, they must think to themselves, queuing ORDERLY.

Normally, I wouldn't lose my cool but when every rides require a queuing time of AT LEAST 45 minutes, it is just not pleasant people are doing this to you and all the others who abide the rules and law.

HK Disneyland Parade
Disneland's Chinese New Year Parade

By 3pm, I have had enough and decided to leave the place. I didn't have lunch (Princess and Big King had a wanton and roast pork noodle soup for lunch at the foodcourt), so off we went in search of some good food to help me forget the stressful encounters and scenes at the park.

Jordan, here I come!

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Anonymous said...

I live in HK, so I take my 3 year old son there very often, but I am frustrated by the number of rude adults that attend and do not show any consideration of small children in lines - even to see the kid parade b/c they want to be siting up front! Yesterday (Monday) we waited for ages to get on a car ride... and 80% of the people were adults. I think they need an express lane for kids...they usually need to go to the toilet after 1 hour... oh sorry, you must line up again! uuurrgghh!!
And what is it with 30 year old women acting like Minnie Mouse anyway?! Sure...re-live your childhood, but be kind to the small child who is also "itching" to see Winnie the Pooh!