Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[Hong Kong 2009 CNY] Tam Chai Yunnan Restaurant

Day 2

Tam Chai Yunnan Restaurant
(Various locations on Kowloon island)

I don't suppose they have an English shopname, I just translate as close as possible. If you can't read Chinese and want to have a go at the sour and spicy Yunnan vermicelli, just look out for the shopfront in my photo below.

The restaurant is located just off Nathan Road before/after Yue Hwa department store depending on which direction you are going.

If you take MRT, get off at Jordan station. Look for Yue Hwa department store exit and continue to walk past Yue Hwa (you have to cross a traffic light, walk straight) then take the first left turn into an alley, voila, you are there.

Tam Chai shopfront

This was what greeted me when I went for a second visit before our flight *loud sob*.

Sour & spicy vermicelli 酸辣米線小辣 (price depending on how many sides you choose)

Upon recommendation from my equally food-loving buddy, I ordered the vermicelli in sour and spicy soup base with chicken, cuttlefish ball (I love all sorts of meat balls), extra portion of pickled vegetables. There would already be small quantity of beansprout, chives and beancurd stick in the soup base. 'Numb and spicy' soup base also available if you fancy.

I only remembered about the cha jiang (meat sauce?) after I ordered. Unfortunately the a-che (waitress) was unable to amend the order >_<, yikes.

You can choose the level of spiciness for the soup. I opted for mild (as I can't take overly spicy food) which, is not spicy at all. Must try the medium next time.

Oh, back to the taste test.

OH MY GOD, easily the tastiest food I have had in a while. I love all sour dishes like tom yum, sweet & sour whatever, assam dishes. But this, this is so much better than all of them!

The chicken slices were so smooth, the pickled veg so flavourful, the soup is out of this world.

I still drool whenever I think about it. I can't stop thinking about the vermicelli later that day and the next day, till, well, another delicious meal at Wu Kong! But then that is another post altogether.

You got to try this restaurant if you like sour and spicy kind of food like me.

'Robber' chicken wings 土匪雞翼 HKD15 for 3

This is easily Princess favourite. She hog the plate after I gave her a small piece to try (it was a little spicy). She can't take spicy food (well, according to her) but she eats KFC's hot wings, mild curries, spicy mentaiko :P

I only stole half the wing and Big King a tiny teeny weeny little strand of meat before she screamed and declared the wing were all hers. Oh well.

The total bill came up to HKD5X including 2 drinks (hot milk tea and iced lemon tea) and a packet of tissue.

This will be on my MUST EAT list whenever I visit Hong Kong.

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