Thursday, March 05, 2009

[Brunei CNY2009] Li Gong at The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Family get-together dinner before bro-in-law flew back to Singapore.

We opt for 10 pax set menu at B$400++

First came the salmon yee-sang (not pictured). Salmon pieces were so tiny you have to fish for it. Given the dim lighting, probably not a good idea to 'search'.

Next we were served sharks fin soup (not pictured). We found few measly strands, again the dim lighting made it difficult to make out what is what XD.

Buttermilk prawn@Empire
Buttermilk prawns

The 'buttermilk' strands were tasty and not at all oily. The prawns were fresh and springy and cooked to perfection. Sprinkling of almond flake was a nice touch.

A very well executed dish.

Dried oysters n mushroom@Empire
Dried oysters, shiitake mushrooms, moss and broccoli

This was ok, not outstanding. I was the only one who ate 2 of the oysters.

Crispy chicken@Empire
Crispy chicken with prawn crackers

Chicken nicely seasoned but a tad dry.

Steam fish @Empire
Steamed fish with herbs

We got seabass for the fish. I am not a fan of freshwater fish. Got muddy taste, eeyer.

Fried rice in lotus leaf@Empire
Fried rice in lotus leaf

Second highlight of the night. Despite the un-appetizing picture, this is a very good fried rice with separated grains and just-right seasoning.

Princess enjoyed this very much but shun it in the first place when she saw the dark fried rice (made worse under dim lightling).

But once she tasted it, she ate with gusto and kept asking for it the next few days :P

For dessert, we were served sweet sticky cake rolled in dessicated coconut and red bean soup with lily bulb (hard and bitter >_<)

After dinner, I don't think the food served justified the hefty $450 which we paid in the end. Though some party had already decided the same thing even BEFORE we started ordering.

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