Thursday, March 26, 2009

[Hong Kong 2009 CNY] Chi Kei at Langham Place

Day 3

Chi Kei
Langham Place

This place is famous for their wanton noodles.

Chi Kei @Langham HK
The lady under the sign jus wouldn't budge. She saw me, looked at me with my camera, pointing and she ignored me and continued to stand there.

Desperate to be famous hor, auntie. Unfortunately I am not a reporter or any famous blogger.

Chi Kei@Langham HK
There were also set c and d possibly e and f too. I couldn't care less.

Wanton noodle @Chi Kei HK
Wanton noodles

Bleh, ummm, this may be a legendary bowl for some but our palate beg to differ.

Pork chop cutlet@Chi Kei HK
Pork chop with black pepper sauce

Chop marinated beautifully but ruined by the person who cooked it. The thing was dripping in oil. Urghhh......

My Hong Kong based friend later told me this place is a tourist trap. No locals would step inside. Orz, no wonder there are so few reviews on Open Rice.

If you're a tourist to HK, don't say I didn't warn you. But then again, you might like the food here to death. Taste is a matter of preference.

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