Monday, March 30, 2009

[Hong Kong 2009 CNY] Honeymoon Dessert

Day 3

Honeymoon Dessert 滿記甜品
Langham Place
Various locations in Hong Kong

Honeymoon Desserts @Langham HK
Located next to Chi Kei

Pomelo & mango cream
Pomelo and mango cream 楊枝甘露

Black sesame & walnut soup
Black sesame soup and walnut soup with dumplings 湯丸配芝麻糊加合桃糊

The black sesame buay pang (not aromatic) and walnut paste was weak. But the dumplings 湯丸 were very good. It was sweet and savoury, I guess there is salted egg yolk in the filling.

Honeymoon Dessert is easily accesible and that comes with a price. Expect to pay premium over other traditional dessert shop.


RizelChama said...

I wanna eat all the desserts >:|

Wow @@ so many new posts. Helped kill my time at work since I had nothing to do.

As usual, it never failed to make me hungry >:|

And wat the hell jie... those mainland china ppl... so inconsiderate lol. Happy Belated Birthday to wewe!

Looks like u guys are living well and healthy and happy x3

Rabbit Sim said...

Aiyoo Mei, u been to outer space kah?

Wah nothing to do at work? So song ah...

RizelChama said...

My work stops at 2.15pm >_> then have to stay till 4pm baru can go home >:| I only teach from the morning till afternoon nia~

Then I'd like.. spend the rest of my day rotting away in the staffroom ._.

So I browse your bloggie and everybody else's lol

Moar updates pls~ cos mama wanna know what's going on too~ KEKEKE