Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[Hong Kong 2009 CNY] Peking Garden Restaurant

Day 2

北京樓 Peking Garden Restaurant
梳士巴利道3號星光行3樓 3 Salisbury Road, Star House Level 3
尖沙咀 Tsim Sa Tsui

Met up with some of my Uni buddies.

G chose Peking Garden as I told her I wanted something similar to the restaurant they brought me the previous time I was in Hong Kong which was also Peking Garden but at Jordan branch.

I remembered the food was very good. To be honest, I am not familiar with Hong Kong, let alone where to go for good food. I'd have preferred to eat somewhere less grand (aka less expensive), more typical Hong Kong restaurant where only the locals would go.

Peking Garden was very grand, a huge restaurant and the patrons were 90% tourists :-(

Needless to say, touristy place, touristy prices and touristy level food. Like, you can't really say the dishes are not good but they are not fantastic either. You are really just paying for the decor and service.

Beijing roast duck@Beijing House
Peking duck 烤北京填鴨

Duck was dry and flavourless. The crepes keep getting torn >_<

For the second course we opted for san choi bao 生菜包鴨肉鬆 (not pictured). Bad decision. The stir fried duck and vegetables were incredibly salty. I had to eat a lot of these +_+ as my friends kept serving it to me, orz.......

Then when the following dishes came, I can't really taste them, orz........

Sweet & sour fish @Beijing House
Sweet & sour fish 糖醋桂花魚

The dish was barely warm when served -_-". No impression whatsoever as I can't really taste *sob*.

Beancurd @Beijing House
Stir fried beancurd with seafood

Again, can't taste so can't really say. My friend G liked the beancurd being silkenly smooth. I thought the dish was so bland like plain water *_*

Perhaps the dishes were so lacklustre, K decided to order more from the menu. She said she'll order me some yummy food. Oops, was it too obvious I didn't like all those food before. Gosh, I am really sorry, I did my best to eat as much as I can. Um, if she's game, I'm on.

So she ordered meat & veg dumpling (not pictured) thinking that it will come in a bamboo steamer. But it came boiled and sat on a barren plate, looking unappetizing. But for me, the plain boiled dumpling was the best dish of the night.

Souffle balls @Beijing House
Souffle balls 高力豆沙

Not as good as I remembered *sob*.

The standard of this restaurant had really gone down hill (a steep one), heh.

It was a treat from my best buddies so bill unknown. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

I wanted to treat them to Haagen Daz after dinner but it was late when we finished and Princess/everyone was tired. I should have asked them as later, I got no chance to visit *sob*

OK, I must confess, I kept comparing the dishes to Tam Chai noodles I had earlier. I know they are worlds apart but I kept thinking, 'oh, if only this tastes half as good as the Tam Chai noodles........'

My bad, my fault and blame it on my buddy San who got me hooked :P

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