Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[Hong Kong 2009 CNY] Suzuki Tokyo Cafe Bisto

Day 1

Suzuki Cafe has various locations across Hong Kong. It serves Japanese/European fusion food.

Since we were staying at Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, we dined at the Harbour City branch which is just outside LCX.

We were there for dinner as we arrived late afternoon.

Those fusion pizza pictures looked really promosing but Princess wanted pasta :-(

Pasta mentaiko cream@Suzuki Bistro HK
Pasta in mentaiko cream sauce topped with soft shell crab HKD72

Mentaiko pasta is our family's favourite way of having our pasta. I use those pre-packaged mentaiko cream sauce from supermarket. They taste very good, do not be put off by it being in a packet. I normally get the S&B brand spicy mentaiko.

Suzuki's version is decent albeit a little too creamy for my liking but Princess loved it.

Soft shell crab was mushy which is usually the case with them being previously frozen. I still can't forget the fresh ones I had at Singapore's Imperial Treasure done salt and chilli style. It was mind-blowingly good. Sister must be nodding vigorously in agreement now :-)

Pork belly rice@Suzuki Bistro HK
Pork belly rice in stonepot HKD75

Big King's order, er, hmm. Ordinary. Me and Princess only tasted 1 teeny weeny mouthful. Big King had tummy upset the following day @@. Phew, 好險.

Expensive place with rather mediocre food and drink. There must be better options in the mall. I think the bill came up to HKD239 inclusing 10% service charge and 2 drinks *_*


After dinner, we walked around Harbour City. The place is massive, with over 700 shops!! Needless to say we never cover the whole complex in the 4 days we were there. It could do serious damage to one's credit card!

But I have no interest in any of the chain stores or those luxury brands so its a bit of a waste really to have splurge the money on the hotel.

The location of the hotel is not fantastic apart from the fact that it is in Harbour City as the closest MRT station (Tsim Sa Tsui) is about 10-15 minutes walk. But for me with little Princess, a good 20 minutes what with roadworks and all. After coming out of the MRT station and walking for a bit we had to use the tunnel (due to road closure) which involves travelling up and down a lot of stairs.

At least I have a fairly good idea what places to avoid (both hotels and shops) next time I go to Hong Kong.

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