Thursday, February 19, 2009

[Brisbane] Little Singapore

Little Singapore
42 Charlottle St
Brisbane (CBD)

Little Sg@Charlotte St
Yeah, its open. It's easily missed as you walk past.

Little Singapore@Charlotte St
Old school like poster adorned the wall.

Wasabi prawns@Lil Sg
Wasabi prawns

Buttermilk chicken@Lil Sg
Buttermilk chicken rice

The whole thing covered in oil and sit on top of yet another pool of oil *nauseatic puke* urghhhh.

Roti telur@Lil Sg
Roti telur AUD12 *WT#*

Eggy bread served with dahl (lentil curry). The price can buy me 10 servings and stuffed ourselves silly back home. But it can't be helped when it's the craving talking.....

No, of course I didn't order this. Still, I am none the wiser with the ordering that day :-(

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