Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[Brisbane] Grill'd

Hi all, I am back and recuperated enough *sheepish gin*

Various locations around Brissie
Website: http://www.grilld.com.au/cpa/

Hot mama@Grill'd
Hot mama burger AUD11.50

Burger patty with roasted peppers, dill pickle (ewww), cheese, salad, tzatziki and harissa paste.

The burger patty was cold :-(

Lamb burger@Grill'd
Baa Baa burger AUD11.50

Lamb patty with avocado, cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo.

This is tasty and the meat patty is at least warm.

Spiced fries@Grill'd
Thick chips with herb mix AUD4.30

The chips were cold and soggy.

Portion is humongous, american size. There is enough to feed the birds *wide grin*


David Jackmanson said...

I've been to Grill'd on Brunswick St a couple of times, the food was good but the desperately hip vibe they try and put on (like giving cutesy names to the burgers) puts me off a bit. It's the same "corporate cool" that Virgin Blue try to do.

Luckily I live about 75 metres from Burger Urge anyway!

BB said...

The chips look lovelicious. How could you not finish them? I'll sure tapao home. LOL. ANyway is the burger like two times the size of ur mouth? XD

Rabbit Sim said...

To David:
I still can't make out the names of the burgers. I have to study the menu 'intensely'. No prize for guessing why I haven't been back XD.
I forgot to mention the beef patty was dry too :-(. Arghh, just my luck.

To BB:
The last bird chomping pic is not our food XD.
You're right the burger is so tall, it can't fit into my mouth. I have to deconstruct the thing to eat it.