Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Home] Grilled chicken, ragu and sweetcorn soup

Sis seems very interested in knowing what I cook at home.

I only know a few dishes and cooked them repeatedly. Its all been blogged before.

But here's a few photos.

Spiced grilled chicken2
Spiced grilled chicken

Spiced gilled chicken1
Grill them on medium high. No oil on foil. Turning twice. The oil from the skin will keep the meat moist.

Linguini ragu with shaved parmesan

I like my ragu on the dry side. None of the watery/oily garbage.

I like to use mince/finely diced ham, carrot, onion and diced mushroom.

Carrot & Sweetcorn soup
Sweet corn, carrot and spareribs soup

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