Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[Home] Xiao Long Bao, Kolo Mee and Asparagus

Oi sis-s, how I like to make you both hungry and ENVY.

Wohahahahaha *evil laugh*

XLB dinner
Kolo mee, steamed xiao long bao (bought frozen from Ho Chia in Sunnybank Plaza) and stir-fried asparagus with scallops.


Lara said...

Those xiao long bao look good - were they?

Rabbit Sim said...

The pork filling is quite nice with soup inside!

The skin a bit thick though but still tasty overall.

If I remember correctly it was $6 for 12. Bargain!

Lara said...

Thanks, I might pick some up next time I'm in Sunnybank...

bb said...

Looks good. And yes I'm jealous. Boooo... Oh well watever. :P I
'll get pou sau when i'm in HK