Thursday, January 08, 2009

[Brisbane] Vietnam Corner at Sunnybank Plaza

Writing the previous post was making my blood boil.

So I need some good food to calm the pressure.

Vietnam Corner is a pretty new restaurant on the scene, opened only late last year.

It has since become my favourite roast meat shop.

Vietnam Corner@Sunnybank

Mixed roasts@Vietnam Corner
Double combo rice (roast duck and roast meat)

Wanton noodle soup@Vietnam Cnr
Wanton and roast meat noodle soup

The wanton was done the traditional way with hand diced pork and WHOLE prawn. God, little morsels of heaven.

The noodle soup taste similar to the now defunct 7-up's version (in Brunei).

Its been so long *sob*. You cannot imagine the emotion that rushed through when we tasted it for the first time. What joy, lost and found.

Springroll@Vietnam Corner
Princess favourite fried springroll

HD @Sunnybank
This cool Harley was parked outside the restaurant.

This will never see the light of day if it were in UK's Manchester XD (grey and drizzly).


RizelChama said...

Shit. I'm working now and these stuffs just made me tremendously hungry. Quote: I skip lunch during work ._.

Wine Blog said...

Gees, some of the bombest looking food I've seen today online! I've been surfing lots of foodie blogs too!