Thursday, January 01, 2009

[Shopping] Post Christmas 2008 Sales Loot

So, Rabbit had been MIA aka lazy and busy with wrestling on sales floors.

It was sheer madness at the shops on Boxing day. But I have to say last year was worse, you can barely move after 11am. At least there's still room for some 'action' or even dancing (well, Princess did XD) this year.

Sister B had been complaining about this site being barren XD. Sorry sis and has been dying to see my loot.

Ah well, its not much compared to yours!!

Post Christmas 2008 Sales loot

From left:
Black, Cooper St 'Virtuous Blouson' frock AUD69
Black, Lucette 'Walk to remember me' dress AUD169
Red and pink, Lacoste tee AUD59.40 each
Yellow and blue, RL Polo tee AUD69.30 each
Cotton On, Grey tee AUD10
Cotton On, sparkly tank top AUD10
Just Add Sugar, white tee AUD5 & 9.95 each
Giallo, gold sandal AUD69
Sportsgirl gold ribbon belt AUD9.95
And a secret necklace, shhhhhh, secret you know.

Brisbane is so HOT right now. Rabbit so wish she were a fish XD.

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RizelChama said...

BB is complaining cos she's got nothing better to do (aside studying but 70% free the whole day anyway) except trolling bloggies. Yummy bloggies like yours KEKE. SHIT I'M HUNGRY NAO THANKS TO UR BLOG. HAVEN'T EATEN YET